Letting Go Of Perfection + Soaking in Goodness

Paige Schmidt | Letting Go Of Perfection

Good-morning all and happy Wednesday! There’s been a common theme in my coaching sessions (I’m taking ONE new client right now – book a Discovery Session here!) this week and I want to chat about it here!

Letting go of perfection. Letting go of the idea that one day we’ll arrive at a “perfect destination” and live there forever and instead, learn to embrace and appreciate moments of goodness in EVERY area of our lives (food, relationships, our careers, our health, finances).

Moments of “I feel so free.”

Moments of “there’s no stress here.”

Moments of “this is wonderful.”

We’ve been talking about turning UP the volume on these good moments in our lives while simultaneously letting go of the expectation that one day we’ll wake up in the land of 100% perfection and live there forever.

Life is not linear, gals.

It’s a little up, a little down. A little up, a little down. We’re learning this as we age, aren’t we? (They say wrinkles are wisdom!)

The thought that one day we’ll wake up and be so good at self-talk and self-care that all of lifes stresses/doubts/fears will be gone forever is a straight up fantasy (it’s a really good one, can we just stay in that dream forever?).

THAT SAID, theres still mega-hope for all of us because we CAN improve our thoughts/habits/patterns and feel LIGHTYEARS better if we’re just willing to work on these areas. I see it happen with my clients all the time (and it happened and continues to happen in my own life).

To believe that progress needs to look PERFECT is a straight-UP joy killer. 

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you might wish that perfection DID exist when it comes to feeling good and up and happy and stress free and confident all of the time.

But here’s the truth. We can gain so much freedom when we embrace and accept that nothing is perfect. From THIS place, we can begin to aim for daily moments of goodness and increase the frequency of these good moments to add up to a much better all around life. Does that make sense you guys?

Moments of saying YES to our desires (big and small).

Moments of experiencing joy.

Moments of experiencing love.

This past year when my mom was sick and it was nearing February, the time she’d move on to heaven, I wrote down on my whiteboard this little quote: “I am not interested in living a long life, I am only interested in living a rich life.”

Here’s what went through my mind as I wrote this: none of us are promised more moments. We’re only promised what we’ve had so far plus RIGHT now. What’s right in front of us.

So if I can’t guarantee myself time, I want to at least turn up the volume as loud as I can on the goodness of right now.

That said, again… perfection doesn’t exist. GOOD-ALL-OF-THE-TIME doesn’t exist. AND, we can STILL aim to turn up the volume on the good stuff. To make life full of really rich and wonderful moments.

Speaking of rich, I remember when I first began eating intuitively, one of the things I recognized was that really rich food satisfied me soooo much more than the bland stuff. I was so used to eating “low-cal” food and in that time, was beginning to believe that satisfaction with food wasn’t allowed.

But when I ate something RICH…

  • I appreciated it more
  • I was more likely to comment on how GOOD it was
  • I felt full faster
  • My tastebuds were satisfied
  • I felt grateful for my food
  • I was excited about it
  • I could move on after my meal and stop thinking about food

For example: a home cooked pizza full of flavors. Or, a grilled cheese with added pears and gorgonzola cheese. Or, a few bites of decadent rich chocolate cake – I could only have a few bites before it was like WOAH, too much (vs. a spongey birthday cake that you could eat for days).

Feeling grateful for our food is simply ONE way to feel grateful for what we’re taking in. ONE way to appreciate and increase those little moments of goodness.  

So, what are you guys going to enjoy this week? What’s your favorite coffee? Favorite food? What are you going to order or make at home? What are you excited for? What are the small ways in which you can turn up the volume on the little moments of goodness in your life and soak them in?

What are those desires of perfection that you strive for? They could be: wanting to feel good in your body 100% of the time. Feeling good in your clothes 100% of the time. Feeling in love 100% of the time. Enjoying your job 100% of the time. Where are you frustrated that you’re not 100%?

Instead of feeling FRUSTRATED with these areas, look at the things that you can do to bring you MOMENTS of feeling good in your body. Moments of feeling good in your clothes. Moments of feeling in love. Moments of loving your body. What are THOSE things?

Those things are within your reach right now. 

For example… perhaps you feel great in your body when you wear a comfortable outfit. Can you do that more often this weekend?

Perhaps you feel in love when you’re walking with your significant other in nature. Can you head to the beach/lake/mountains/outside for a walk together?

At work, when do you have moments or glimpse of joy? What specific things/tasks/projects allow you to feel good? Can you do one of those things next week?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Share with me below in the comments how you’ll increase your moments of goodness this week!


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