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For those of you who know me, and who have followed along for a while. Today is sort of a… catch up, here’s what happening, here’s what’s coming, and I-just-want-to-say-hiiii type of post! Let’s get catch up…!¬†So happy you’re here ūüôā

Catch up with Paige Schmidt

Catch up


I spent the past weekend with my mama in Ventura, and it was lovely. I got to cuddle with her each night, sleep in each morning, and just have¬†some good ol’ simple quality time with her. I love this little lady – you guys, she is such a fighter.

If you’re not¬†caught up, mama was diagnosed with stage 4¬†cancer in Feb ’16 (read that post here).¬†

It’s a total blessing that my mom is still with us. I miss her when I’m not with her, and at the same time, we’ve spent more time together this year than, maybe ever? Mom and I have always been so close. We’ve always had a great relationship. I love this mama of mine.

However, this past year, the time we’ve spent together has felt VERY intentional. Like, I’m here to visit¬†you mama, and no one else. We sit and talk and drink coffee and watch movies and just… support each other. I have loved our quality time this past year. It’s been so¬†sweet.¬†

Mom started hospice this past week, and you guys… I wish we could have had this level of care¬†throughout this whole experience so far. The nurses and social workers and spiritual counselors and EVERYONE at hospice are so loving and caring. We couldn’t be happier with our new team.

Our hearts are holding onto God, love, and each other. This is a tough time for our family, and the only way I can describe the emotions is that they’re¬†kind of like a¬†rollercoaster. Sometimes you’re strong and okay and holding it together, and other times you’re broken and hurting and afraid. But you keep going.

This past year has been full of emotion. It’s been so full of love, and it’s be so full of support. At times, yes, this past year has felt very turbulent. But, the love our family holds¬†has made the past year¬†possible – survivable. We’re going through hell, yet, we have¬†peace and strength. Our faith is strong.

So, please keep praying for mama Dot. Keep her close to your heart. Pray for comfort, pray for more love, and pray for our family to stay strong. These are the things we need most.

2017 so far

This year has been so good. I’m not sure if there’s ever been a year where I’ve felt more peace and less anxiety? A few months back I was feeling anxious and I asked a friend how she prays when she’s feeling anxious and she replied with¬†“thy will be done.”

Since hearing her say this, I’ve been praying the same prayer – daily, hourly – and I’ve been carried through each day with more peace. I’m in a place of TRUSTING God for his plans. It feels good. I feel safe. I feel confident.

I’ve also been focusing on less talking and more doing. Action over words. Which I shared with you guys on Instagram, too. This has ALSO brought me more peace.

Trips and travel

Marco and I went to Lake¬†Shaver last week with two of our friends and their¬†little boy. We went for a quick one night trip to the snow, and it was so fun! We BBQ’d hot dogs at night for the boys, my friend Hannah and I sipped hot cocoa, and we played/went sledding¬†in the snow.

We had our heater cranked high the WHOLE time¬†and enjoyed our¬†short and cozy getaway in the camper. We were supposed to go back the following weekend, but as you may have heard, California has been pretty stormy and we didn’t want to risk it. Instead, I took a few more-than-planned days with Dot-Dot and it was lovely.

As I’m writing to you, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in SLO (heeyyyy Bello Mundo!) and Marco is headed to meet me in about an hour so we can go over our February and March trips. I have three trips planned, one of which is with him for his birthday. The other two are for work and creativity.

For Marco’s¬†birthday, we’re planning to go snowboarding, hopefully in Tahoe! And for biz, I get to visit Simi and her little guy, Alyosha! Sim and I are planning to do more filming for Finally Free (yay!) and a photoshoot for the two of us (fun!).

My other¬†biz trip is with my friends Natalie and Asia in San Jose –¬†we’ll be planning a¬†Q+A Panel¬†we’re going to host on March 2nd in SLO – email me if you want to come, and I’ll make sure we invite you! We’re super excited about this! The panel is for biz owners who are just starting out, or wanting to take their businesses to the next level.

The rest of my time will be spent next to mama Dot, cause really, there’s just no where else I care to be!

Here’s what’s happening

Authentically You

As you may have noticed (I’ve been talking about it quite a bit) Authentically You just started for the third time, and I’m already brainstorming how I’ll run it the next round. I love this program! And I’ve run it slightly different each round.

Like, for next time… Will I include live coaching?¬†Will we all start at the same time? Or will I have it be something you can start whenever you’re ready, at your own time?

I’m curious… What would allow you to join Authentically You? If you want to join… what would need for you to be¬†¬†able to join? If you really wanted to join this round but didn’t, what held you back?¬†This feedback will help me the next time I open doors ūüôā¬†All¬†feedback is appreciated!¬†

If you want to leave a comment, awesome! If you want to email me privately, please d0 ( 

The Six-Month Program

One on one work has been incredible. I’ve had several new clients start this month, and I love each of them equally. They all share like minded goals in terms of wanting to feel more balanced, more free, and happy to wake up each day. These girls inspire me. They want GOOD things for themselves. I love that they want more.


Yesterday when I was driving home from Ventura, I was listening to the book Start With Why. This book is SO inspiring you guys. And what I loved most about it is that I feel I do a pretty darn good job starting with why, already. Of course, this left me feeling encouraged!

The REASON I started my business was because of¬†my “why”: I had finally found freedom with food, I saw what it did for me, and I wanted to share the same freedoms with others. I wanted to show others¬†exactly HOW¬†to find these same¬†freedoms for themselves. And that’s what I do now!¬†

The book reiterated how much this business and work means to me, and helped me to dig even deeper into my mission.

I swear, this has to do with Instagram… hang with me…¬†

As I was listening to the book, I realized how important it is for¬†me to “stay in my own lane” and not compare my business to others. Naturally, I don’t compare my business to others. I am so¬†IN what I do, that I don’t feel like anyone else does what I do, really.

Although there ARE other coaches out there, I know there isn’t another coach like me. Sure, there ARE other coaches who teach you to eat intuitively and take care of yourself (like I do), but there’s not another coach out there who has the same heart/brain/mind/experiences that I do.

There’s not another ME. And there’s not another YOU.

So, for that reason, I don’t compare. Just like another coach shouldn’t compare THEMSELVES to me, because I don’t/can’t/won’t do exactly what they do (which is also powerful work).

THAT SAID, I am noticing that as of lately, I’ve needed to be careful with what I’m choosing to fill¬†my mind with. In order to “stay in my own lane,” I was craving to check in and¬†clear the clutter of all the things that don’t allow me to stay in my own lane – like, following a ton of people on Instagram who I don’t know deeper than on a surface level.

And listen, if you’ve never had a conversation with me, this could go for you and I too – I understand that. However, I’ve made it a priority to do my BEST to be open and transparent with you online, so that even if we never have a¬†conversation (though I hope we do!) you will feel on some level like you can¬†relate to me.¬†

So, last night when I got home, I unfollowed about 1,200 people on Instagram, leaving me with only 555 people to follow – all people who I know, who¬†I’ve talked to, or who I REALLY trust online. People who allow themselves to be known and who I feel a connection with. IT FEELS GOOD.

Sometimes, I just need a good social media cleanse. Ever feel that way? 

As for everyone else, I trust that if I miss following anyone that I unfollowed, I’ll remember to go back and follow them again, and if not, then I didn’t need that influence anyway. THIS is just one of the ways I’m taking action to stay in my own lane.

In fact, Asia (one of my best friends and the voice¬†behind Biz Time with Asia) and I are going to podcast about this tomorrow morning! Because we both believe in staying in your own lane and not comparing! The episode should be out by this Thursday! I’ll be sure to share it on my FB page ūüôā

I’m curious… Do you ever feel like you need a social cleanse? How about a cleanse of your email inbox? (If you need an inbox cleanse, oh my gosh… Please try using – it’s a lifesaver!)

Here’s what’s coming

Daily Eats

You guys… I KNOW you’re missing daily eats. I am too! I had so much on my heart and mind to share this month, so I went crazy with the lengthier/deeper posts.¬†It’s¬†going to be a true challenge to get back into the routine of taking food photos, haha!¬†But I’m going to do it! More daily eats posts to come!


I also have a desire to create more videos for the blog. I don’t know if this is a for sure thing – videos take a lot of time and require being home and in a quiet space (or do they?) so they’re a little bit more difficult for me to commit to. But, I do have it on my heart to create more of them! Topic requests?


I also want to do an upcoming giveaway for you girls, and am¬†brainstorming what this will look like. What would be fun to do a giveaway with! What would you girls be most excited to receive in a giveaway? I’d love to hear!

Now you share with me…

Leave a comment. Tell me what’s on your mind. If you’re feeling generous, leave me some feedback. If you’re someone who wants to join¬†Authentically You,¬†what would make it possible for you to join? What would you love to see? Tell me, what would you be excited to receive¬†in a giveaway from me? Video topics?

And…¬†For those of you who have shared your name & email with me¬†– you know that every other week I answer one of your questions in a “VIP Q+A” email (sign up for those below). Now is the PERFECT time to send in more questions. Email your¬†questions to

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