Life in a Purse

What did I just say? Life in a Purse? Yes, that’s what I came up with this morning, when I looked at my purse and saw that it was totally bent out of shape. My new, expensive, special purse that should be cherished and taken care of was being less than loved. Don’t we ever feel like that?


I took everything out, and layed it on my bed

My purse was full of things that I need, and certain things that really just didn’t need to be there. They were there for security. An example, I don’t need ten pair of lipstick, I only need one. The rest, I can set on the shelf in my room. I don’t have to throw them out, but I can save them for later. On the other hand, there were things that I didn’t need at all. Example? Gum wrappers. Those were just creating a mess, and I needed to throw them away.


Where am I going with this?

Our life is sort of like a purse. At one point, it’s brand new, has no scratches, marks, stains, it’s empty and full of space to be filled with things that we need and love. Things that make us happy, and things that are useful everyday. But sometimes, after going too long without paying proper attention to it, we get caught up, and it gets messy and bent out of shape.

I relate this to life because if you think of your life as a bag that can be filled with whatever you please, then wouldn’t you want to leave all of the messy things that don’t serve you out of the bag (gum wrappers)? Or maybe there are things that you eventually want, but not right now (lipstick).


When you organize your purse, take out some things that you don’t need, throw away things that aren’t serving your life… it gets its structure back, and it isn’t so bent out of shape. It starts to look new again, and you appreciate it. It is de-cluttered, and organized.

Can’t we all relate to this? Search the heavy areas in your heart and ask yourself, are these thoughts, feelings, actions, keeping me from something good life has for me? Do I need to stay here, and work hard at this? Do I need to remove this from my life? Do I need to be more loving, and less hurtful? Do I need to treat my body better? Do I need to appreciate things more?

Keeps could be good, healthy things that make you happy. The things you love and care so much about.

Shelves could be things that are coming in the future, but you’re worrying way too much about now. Things that are good, but causing you stress.

My friend Kristen once taught me about a prayer shelf. This was the best picture. She told me to close my eyes, and imagine a shelf as I’m praying. Put everything I care about on that shelf, and look at it. As God to put back in my hands only the things that I need to pray about right now. The others, leave those on the shelf, until the next time you meet with God and ask him if he wants to give you anything else, or if the shelf should stay the same.

Life is so hectic when we try and do everything at once, that’s why I love the shelf analogy. It’s not like you’re getting rid of it, you’re just waiting and not focusing on it everyday.

Tosses could be unhealthy food relationships. Work on stuffing those in the trash. Bad body talk. Stuff that in the trash and instead, replace it with good body talk. A pessimistic mind. Replace your thoughts with optimistic ones…

Think of your life right now as a purse. What would you have in your bag? What would you take out? And what do you need to sit on the shelf, and worry about later? You can only focus on so much at once. Life is a long time, don’t rush through it! Enjoy every bit of it! Right now, on a piece of paper, or in the notes of your phone, write down a few things to KEEP, SHELF, AND TOSS. Focus on using that list this coming week.

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