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Hey all!

How are you? Today I wanted to share a “life lately” post and let you know how things have been around here and what we’ve been up to as a family of three.

Before we got Abby (if you haven’t heard, we got a puppy!) my friend Bridget came to town and we watched our friends dog, Bruno, for the weekend. While Bridget was here we made chicken fajitas, talked for hours on the patio, had a sleepover, and sipped Hub coffee in the morning before she left.

Here’s Bridget and I – she’s such an awesome friend. One of those friends you can never tire of talking to! Bridget and I met through coaching and Finally Free and have become such great friends though the process. She’s awesome!

Here’s a photo of Bruno – he’s pretty cute right? He is the most calm, well behaved dog. So naturally we went out and got a puppy 😉 Abby has been good overall and her rambunctious puppy side is beginning to show (patience, Marco and Paige).

We’ve spent lots of time outdoors, mostly near water. It’s been hot here. The Reno heat is so much different than the California heat. For the most part, it’s extremely dry. So when you’re outside you feel hot on your skin but you’re not sweating like crazy. (I much prefer dry heat, any day!)

Even so, being in the water every chance we get has been our go-to! Last week, we went to the Grand Sierra Resort (GSR) and hung out at the pool with friends.

While we were there, we shared fish tacos for lunch. They were GREAT. Surprisingly good. I also had a minty/cucumber vodka drink by the pool (okay, a few!). It was such a fun time.

As shown by my face, we had a ton of fun and we stayed all day.

A couple of days later is when I went and picked up our sweet Abby girl. You can catch the whole story of us bringing her home here. She’s adjusted to our place QUICKLY.

She’s like a baby – she sleeps, eats, and poops. As she gets older (she’s literally changing everyday) and more adjusted, she plays more and more too. Apparently (I didn’t know this when I picked her up) she needs one more shot before I can take her to the park.

I cannot WAIT to take her to the park, run with her, tire her out, let her play with other dogs, and roll in the grass. The 28th, when she’ll have her last shot, cannot come soon enough!

Reno has a lot going on in the summer: concert nights, movie nights in the park, food truck Friday’s, chalk art festivals, etc… I could go on! Last weekend we went to the chalk art festival and then out to dinner at the Atlantis (a casino here in Reno).

Quote: “I’m beautiful in my way ’cause God makes no mistakes.” – Lady Gaga. Amen!

We went to Bistro Napa at the Atlantis for happy hour and ordered like… their whole menu. It was SO GOOD. If you’re in Reno and haven’t had a chance to try this place, go now. And go during happy hour! It was so good/fun. We shared a little bit of everything.

The next night we went out with new friends to a restaurant called “The Twisted Fork.” Yum. So good! I ordered a wedge salad to start and had mushroom raviolis for my entree. Everything was SO good. I also had a piece of bread to start.

These raviolis where PERFECT. So tasty and the perfect amount. I left feeling so satisfied and so good in my body. (When I say “good in my body” I mean neutral, calm, not stuffed, not bloated, but just right.)

Breakfast around here lately has been really consistent. Either plain eggs or eggs with cheese in corn tortillas with salsa.

As it’s been hot I have NOT felt like cooking much. Not much food sounds good. When we have made food at home it’s been things like this: cold taco salad with fresh tomatoes. This I can do at home!

Does anyone else think cooking and food are just not as appealing to brainstorm/shop for/cook in the heat of the summer? What are your favorite things to do in the summer heat? This summer weather is new to me, so ideas are welcome! 

This week I’m looking forward to family visiting, a Keith Urban concert on Sunday, time with Abby, and time at Lake Tahoe. It’s going to be a good one!

I’m off to meet with clients for the day, then a BBQ tonight. Have an awesome Thursday!

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