Listen To Your Body

Listen to your body, not your brain. That is how you know if a food will work with you, or not work this you. I was so inspired this morning my Geneen Roth. I realized how much of a passion I have to encouraging people to have a Healthy Relationship with food… One I day I want to have an entire Health Coaching practice that is specific to that.

She said this quote that really struck me, because I believe it to be true:

“People don’t gain weight by eating what they want. They gain weight by eating what they don’t want, followed by eating what they want.” -Geneen Roth

I mean, really, this is just skimming the surface of the entire issue of dieting, compulsive eating, bingeing, etc… but it spoke so much to me.. When your body is craving something, it’s craving it for a reason. We have to be nice to our bodies, treat them with respect, and listen to them..

I will post more on this subject as the days go by, and as I study her books. I just ordered some to use in my Health Coaching practice.

Here is how I listened to my body yesterday. Everything I ate was a craving, or a signal from my body



Bran Flakes with almond milk + raisins and coffee with organic half & half

Coffee/Walk with Mom


Coffe with almond milk, honey, and rice milk on my 3 mile walk with Mom



For lunch, I peeked in my parents fridge and decided on pasta with tomato sauce and a side salad with blue cheese. The pasta had a little bit of meat in it, and it sounded perfect before I went on my next walk of the day with Jade – which by the way was wonderful! We walked and talked for 5 miles by the beach 🙂



When I got home 2 hours later, I wanted a little crunchy snack, so I had a handful of pretzels



After that, I took my Mom to pick up her car, and we headed to dinner before I had to work. I got a veggie burrito with a whole wheat tortilla packed with deliciousness! I had a few chips, and left the rest. I ate the whole burrito, which may have been more my head than my body 😉 I probably could have left a few bites, haha!

I hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂 I have more to post within the next couples days on weighing yourself.


Love, Paige

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