Listening to Your Body Always Feels Good

Good morning all. Yesterday morning started with early eggs & toast with Marco. We ate around 6:45.


Around 10:00 I was hungry for something so I had a Coconut Cream Pie Larabar.


Around noon, I wasn’t quite hungry for lunch, but wanted something to snack on so I had a banana.


After that, I got back to work. Big ol’ to-do list yesterday which involved much work & wedding planning. Checked it all off!


Lot’s of Coaching! Speaking of Coaching. I am all full for the month of May. I got a booming amount of emails yesterday for people who are interested in Coaching. If you’re interested, schedule a free Consultation with me to start in the month of June. I’ll be opening a few more spaces.


While I worked yesterday I got to look at the pretty flowers Marco bought me Monday night. Still looking at them now 🙂


I ended up eating a full lunch around 2:30. I had an Ezekiel wrap. Turkey, mozzarella, and basically a salad inside (spinach, spring mix, goddess dressing, garbanzo beans, and avocado). Deeeelicious and super satisfying.


When I got off work at 5:30 Marco and I went over to the Jacuzzi. On the way over I snacked on this apple.


When I got back and dinner was cooking, I snacked on these two dried mango slices & some un-pictured chips.


Dinner was a team effort. I sliced up all of the toppings and put the burgers together while my Mom and Marco grilled.


I also put little side salads together. We all sat at the table and enjoyed dinner together. This is always so nice.


For dessert, I had a little square of dark chocolate and a while later…


Ice cream. As Marco and I were watching friends I got a craving for ice cream. Could it be that I saw Chandler eating it? Haha. Anways, I got up and decided to make myself something totally delicious. I got two scoops of vanilla, one whole banana, and one graham cracker. I crunched and tossed it all together Cold Stone style.

I had already made myself a cup of tea but forgot about it as I was letting it cool. When I put my ice cream in this little bowl I made a conscious decision to eat it at the counter sitting down. I knew these were my options:

  1. eat at the couch and eat the whole thing without paying attention
  2. eat at the counter, enjoy it, and allow yourself to put it away when you’ve had enough

I opted for the counter and ate maybe 1/3. I stored the rest in the freezer for today if I am craving ice cream again.

It never fails. I always feel so good when I choose to listen to my body. AND, I get to look forward to yummy leftovers today.

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Love, Paige

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