Live Brightly - Coaching + Community + Discipleship

A space to be transformed and renewed as, together, we experience deep satisfaction in Him.

Live Brightly is a space where coaching meets modern day Bible Study as we seek to know Jesus more and let His light shine through us. Our aim is to create a community where hearts, lives, and relationships are transformed by His love.

Live Brightly is not just a community; it’s a space where God is lighting the path and, together, we are saying YES to it. It’s a place to do life with Him and women who love Him, no matter where you are on your faith journey.

If you’re looking to get to know Jesus’ love in a deeper, more personal way, Live Brightly is the space for you.

Our Community Offers:

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching

Recorded lessons that combine Biblical truth with transformational coaching tools

Coaching techniques to help you quiet the noise and renew your mind

Together, we’ll dig into Scripture, you’ll be prayed for, and we will experience deep transformation and renewal as you Live Brightly™.

At Live Brightly, we value:

Transformation Over Information

Modeling Unconditional Love to One Another

Being Transformed By the Renewal of Our Minds

We believe hearts, lives, and relationships will be completely transformed in this space.

Our founder and Christian Life Coach, Paige, has been through hard things–the loss of her mom to cancer, the loss of her dad to chronic alcoholism–and has found deep undeniable joy through a personal relationship with Jesus. She wants you to have that too.

What’s Included in Live Brightly:

  • 7 Pillars of Live Brightly: Learn and apply to your life, the 7 Pillars of co-creating a YES GOD bright life with Jesus.
  • Group Coaching Calls: Join us for live, interactive group coaching sessions every other week where we dive into Scripture, receive encouragement, and learn. practical ways to invite God into every area of our lives, everyday.
  • Reminders of God’s Promises: Receive regular reminders of God’s faithfulness and the good things He has in store for you.
  • Community Engagement: Connect with like-minded women, engage in discussions, and experience the power of shared experiences.
  • Personal Growth with God: Embrace personal growth as you learn to abide in Him.

Join Live Brightly today: we’re cultivating a growing community of women who are saying YES to God’s best in their daily life, and experiencing deep satisfaction in Him. Coming?

Is Live Brightly For You?

  • You want to surround yourself with women who are saying YES to God’s best
  • You desire to uncover the woman God created you to be and shine brightly
  • You want to learn to walk with God in your daily life and trust Him more
  • You want a space where you can intentionally renew your mind
  • You want showing up as the woman you want to become easier
  • You want coaching support from a woman who loves Jesus with all her heart
  • You are ready to think more about BEST possible outcomes and live your values

Say “YES” to living a bright and purposeful life with women who love God, and love you. This is a space where you’ll renew your mind, be prayed for, and get unstuck so you can uncover the woman God created you to be.

Join Now and Pay What You Want

Pricing isn’t a barrier to joining. You have the freedom to select a monthly rate that works for you. Your honest, generous choice is valued. Sign up today!

Let Jesus’ Light Shine Through You in This Space of Coaching, Community, and Discipleship.

This is just the beginning of what God is doing here,
and we invite you to be a part of it from the very start.