Living a Bright Life with God in 2024

If this is your first time stopping by the blog, hi! Welcome! I’m Paige, your guide as we seek to know Jesus and let His light shine through us. As we walk into 2024, I want to share with you what ‘Living a Bright Life with God’ means, as we root ourselves in Jesus, experiencing the Fruits of His Spirit. This journey is one of cultivating greater internal peace, joy, and love that only comes from a close relationship with God.

You are the lightbulb. He is your power source. A lightbulb without a power source is like a ship without a sail – present and full of potential, but unable to fulfill its purpose.

Living a Bright Life with God

Living a Bright Life with God

Finding Brightness in Every Corner of Life

As we enjoy the freshness of a new year, I know some of us are already feeling vibrant and full of energy, while others might be seeking a little more light. Either way, I’m here with you, supporting and encouraging you to rediscover what truly makes your life shine. Remember, brightness isn’t just about external achievements; it’s about being vibrant, authentic, and true to yourself — the you that God designed and loves deeply.

Overcoming Challenges with Faith and Grace

I understand that life can sometimes dim our spirits. Goals and resolutions might start to flicker as January ends. You may find yourself struggling with habits or thoughts that don’t serve your brightest self. Here’s where I want to remind you: there’s no shame in these struggles. They’re a part of our human journey. But together, with God’s guidance, we can recenter and refocus on what’s most important.

Embracing the Fruits of the Spirit

The heart of a bright life lies in asking God to cultivate the Fruits of the Spirit within us — love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness, and self-control. These aren’t just words; they’re pathways to a life filled with God’s light. When we align our actions and thoughts with these values, we start to experience a transformation, a shift towards a life that’s not just successful in worldly terms, but richly fulfilling in spiritual terms.

Your Brightest Life, Guided by God

For me, living a bright life is about being guided by God, seeking Him first, and building a personal relationship with Him. It’s about knowing His character, understanding His love, and aligning our hearts with His desires. This journey isn’t always easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. By surrendering to God and trusting His will, we can find peace and purpose in every aspect of our lives.

Letting Go of What Weighs You Down

We all have things that dim our light — habits, behaviors, and thoughts that weigh us down. Recognizing these and intentionally letting them go is a crucial step towards living brightly. Whether it’s overcoming overindulgence, finding financial peace, or setting healthy boundaries, it’s about making choices that align with God’s will for our lives.

Your Unique Path to Brightness

Your bright life might look different from mine, and that’s beautiful. We’re all on unique paths, but the common thread is our desire to know Jesus and let His light shine through us. Think about what a life free from overages, a life of contentment, and peace would look like for you. Envision yourself living out the Fruits of the Spirit in your daily life.

Join Me in Living Brightly

I invite you to join me in this journey. Whether it’s through our Live Brightly community, one-on-one coaching, or simply through the podcast (listen on Apple or Spotify), let’s support each other. Let’s share our stories, our struggles, and our victories. Together, we can build a life that’s not just bright but radiant with God’s love and light.

Wrapping Up With Love and Light

As we conclude, ask yourself: What does your bright life look like? Imagine the joy, peace, and love that comes from living in alignment with God’s will. Remember, you are capable of incredible change, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

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