Living As if You Were Already Where You Wanted to Be

Read Paige Schmidt's Insight on How to Live as if You Were Already Where You Want to be.

Right now, in your day to day, where do you wish you were in life?

We all have those “I wish…” dreams and statements.

I wish I was able to take my business full time…

I wish I had that job…

I wish I had enough money to do that thing…

I wish I had this new camper (ahem, Marco)…

I wish I had more time off…

What can we gain from these statements/desires? We may not have the job. We may not be able to take our business full time, we may not have that brand new upgraded camper…

But we do still have choice/power.

Take your “I wish…” statement and turn it into an “Even though…” statement.

Even though my business is not full time I can still…

  • … work from a coffee shop with my laptop on the weekends
  • … meet with my dream clients
  • … find the time to write 2 blog posts per week

Even though I don’t have my dream job yet I can…

  • … dress as though I already had it
  • … visualize myself in the job and get excited for it
  • … work on the things I love that I’d be doing in that dream job

Even though I don’t have my brand new camper I can still…

  • … use what I already have
  • …. go camping
  • … make memories outdoors and have fun!

You guys like this last one? It’s totally Marco… he has that syndrome that many men have where they get a new toy, love it for a while, and then want the next best version. Ha! Meanwhile, I love our camper and passively aim to persuade him all of the time to love it like I do. 😉

Basically… whatever it is in life you want but do not yet have… aim to see how you can live as if you were already there… as if you already had it.

Now, that doesn’t mean you cannot validate how hard it feels to not have something that you really deeply want (that IS hard)… but it does mean that it will help you to focus on the now. The other part of this is that you can also focus on what’s good now…

  • What’s good about our current home?
  • What’s good about my current job?
  • What’s good about my current camper?
  • What’s good about not having kido’s yet?
  • What’s good about being single?

This isn’t to fake us out and have us NOT acknowledge that there’s something else/different that we want, it’s simply to help us not want to BOLT from the now.

I hope this post encourages you if you’re in a stage where you’re excited for the next thing. (I know I am and I will share it next week — it’s something we HAVE been waiting for and now it’s HERE. I’ve had to practice all of the things I share in this post for the past 7.5 months, ha!)

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