Living For Your Future Self VS. Your Current Self

I often see quotes/sayings on social media about living in the present, and not worrying about the past or future. This is great, AND I think we can also benefit from living for our future self.

Let’s talk about how…

Living For Your Future Self vs. Current Self

Say you really want to eat an entire box of Oreos *right now*, or eat an entire plate of Mexican food bigger than your face, or buy a shirt you know you can’t really afford right now.

If you’re only concerned with how you feel in THIS moment, you might go ahead and eat that whole box of Oreo’s, buy that expensive shirt, or polish off the whole plate of Mexican food…

Only to find yourself, an hour, day, or week later regretting the decision you made in that moment.

“WHY did I eat all those Oreo’s?”

“WHY didn’t I stop when I knew I was full? I’m toooooo full.”

“WHY did I buy that shirt? I really wanted to save.”

If you take a moment to think about how your future self might feel in that moment, you might reconsider and have an easier time making a choice that would feel good.

Thinking about our future self can help us to make decisions that will feel good in the long run. Later, we realize we feel good, and the reward is huge. We actually begin to have the experiences that we set out for. We start living more in our desired state.

See how thinking about your future self can lead to you making more feel-good decisions?

So, next time you’re having a rough day and want to raid the pantry, you might think about how your future self will feel, and it’ll help you make a choice that feels much more empowered and is in line with how you want to feel (good, happy, calm; not upset, defeated, bummed).

I’d love to hear, does this post resonate with you? I know so many of my clients love this concept when we talk about it. I’d love to hear your thoughts, too!


Love, Paige

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