Living Unafraid

Living Unafraid

Hello! Earlier this week, I had a Zoom hangout with my Aligned Coaching members, and it left me feeling so inspired and in awe-it was all about living unafraid. In a few weeks, my Aligned members will be starting a new course called Unafraid. This course will start on September 27th, and it will be all about fear, stepping into the next version of yourself, and not letting fear hold you back. It will help you listen to those small whispers of what you want, and how to actually go for it.

What is Holding You Back?

On the Zoom call, we looked back at moments in our life where there was something we wanted to do, but had fear around it. We looked at what that voice sounded like, and what reasons we told ourselves to stop us from going after what we wanted. We then told each other what we did anyways – like quitting a job, ending a relationship, moving across the country, going to a fancy dinner alone-all sorts of things! We discovered that that voice of fear sounds like, “what is going to happen if you do this? What is the safer option? Keep doing what you’re doing”. Or perhaps, it is other people would is the voice of fear – they could be telling you to stay with the safer option, or to do what they think is best. It could be so well-intentioned, but it might not be the path for you. If I had listened to what other people told me to do for my career, I would not be coaching today, which I love. Fear tells us to keep doing what we’re doing, because it’s the safer or more secure option. Fear prioritizes security.

Should I listen to the fear or work through the fear?

  1. If it is constantly in the back of your mind-this could be a sign that you should pursue this. Listen to your intuition. In Unafraid, we will go through how to connect with what you want, what will be fulfilling for you, and how to follow your intuition.
  2. The anticipation of the fears are often worse than the actual thing itself. We are so good at problem solving when the hard thing is actually happening, and you will be able to find a solution when you are in the challenge.
  3. How much time and energy do you spend wanting instead of doing? In the course, Shed, we talk about determining what exactly you want, and how to move forward instead of taking up mental space thinking about what you want to do. You can let go of consuming, and instead let yourself just be who you want to be and take action to solve the problem. You can learn anything you want to, regardless of if you know the how. In Shed, we talk about letting go of what is holding you back, and stepping into the fear.

So What’s Next?

Think back on your life – what are some things you did that you had fear around, but you’ve since gotten through, and you’re so thankful that you made those decisions. You had fear, but you knew within yourself that it was what you needed to do, and you’re grateful you did it. Write those things down in your journal or in your Notes app to show you that you can trust yourself.

If you need support on this and want to take actions forward to feel more fulfilled, please join me in Unafraid, where you will find so much momentum, and can join other women who are moving forward in their lives as well. Everyone is working on something different, and are working on not getting stuck in the “what if” and instead are moving forward.

If you want to join us in Unafraid, send me an email to with the subject line: Unafraid, and tell me how you don’t want fear to control your life anymore, or who you envision yourself being. This course will be beyond food, beyond intuitive eating, and will really allow you to make decisions from a place of confidence and trust in yourself. I hope you’ll join me in this course!

Here are some other resources to help as well:

  • Shed Course in Aligned Coaching – This course is designed to help you identify who you want to become, and call out all that’s been holding you back from becoming her. And then… step into powerful (and exciting) action as you become her and shed your old ways of doing things.
  • Excess Workshop (free–just use your email to sign-up)

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