Loving Your Changing Body

Loving your Changing Body

In the past two weeks, I’ve talked about body judgments and body comments, and how to turn both of those down and move away from those negative thoughts. To continue that conversation, I am going more in depth on the podcast into how you can refrain from those two even while your body is changing, through whatever season of life you are in — whether it be pregnancy, age, moving away from dieting, whatever it might be.

So why is this even important? Why do we need to put our energy into loving our body even when it changes?

I was recently out with Marco and Selah, and we decided to do some shopping. I was enjoying the day, looking at all the greenery around me, and truly soaking in that moment with my family. During that time, I asked myself those same questions. Why do we need to put all of this energy into loving our body? And my answer was that ten years ago, I would not have been enjoying this day at all. I would not have been present. Instead, I would have been constantly looking into the glass windows as I walk past shops to look at my reflection and critique myself, feeling self-conscious and focusing more on my body than in the moment.

That is why it is so important. The goal is to move away from those all-consuming negative thoughts and moments of body judgments, so that we can have more of those moments where we are enjoying the present with the people we are with. So we can be in the moment, not out of the moment. Not overthinking and comparing ourself to others around us.

We spend so much time comparing our body to someone else’s — in real life and on social media — even though this is the only body we will ever have in our lives. Instead of fighting for control and wishing we had someone else’s body, it would give us sooo much freedom to embrace the body we have.

Our body will change over time-it is a natural aging process. So, ask yourself, why do we fight this natural process? Why do we spend so much energy fighting the change, when we can choose to care for our body instead? You can do so many healthy things for yourself, such as using luxurious skin care products, going for runs, drinking lots of water. As long as it comes from a place of care, not from a place of control or comparison.

We are exchanging control for care. All you are responsible for is taking care of your yourself.

Leave the number on the scale or the size up to your body. Let go of the judgment. Let go of trying to control your body. Instead, appreciate your body in the moment, just how she is. You are the surest person that can love you, and you can decide each day to love your body and be kind to her.

What would it look like to just care for your body right now? What daily actions can you take to care for yourself?

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