Loving Yourself

Hello everyone!

As Valentines Day is approaching, I wanted to write this little message that has been on my heart. LOVE. YOURSELF. Each and every one of us has the choice to either treat ourselves nicely, or treat ourselves harsh. Why not chose to treat yourself with respect, love, kind words, warmth, and care? We can’t control anyone else, but ourselves. We all want to be loved, so why don’t we start with us? It’s a simple thought; WE can love OURSELVES.

When you got bed at night, be thankful that you are you! When you wake up in the morning, be happy that you are you, and do the things that you love to do. Have fun with yourself. Follow your heart. Fulfill your dreams (big and small). Read your favorite book. Give to your favorite charity, or friend. Cook yourself your favorite meal. Put on your favorite outfit. Get ready if it makes you feel good. Stay in your PJ’s as long as you can, if that’s what makes you feel good. Have NO shame in being YOU. In fact, thank yourself over and over that you are YOU.

You cannot control others, but you can control YOU. You are more capable of loving YOURSELF than anyone else in this world is, so take advantage of that! Know that you were wonderfully and perfectly made, and you have gifts and a path in this life. Look at your hearts desires. They were put there for a reason.

Take a minute after you read this, close your eyes, and say to yourself “I am so thankful today, that I am ME,” and smile. I wish you all so much happiness. I wish I could just dump a bucket of joy on each of you! But I know that I can only control me ; ) ♥

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