Lunch time with my little Chloepie

Good afternoon tumblies (for those of you who don’t know- this name has stuck ever since I started my blog. It’s what I call all of my followers). I think it’s cute, and it makes me happy 🙂

Today, I am watching my sweet Chloepie. Everyday spent with this little one is a great day!

I had to show you guys this… don’t kids sit their drinks in the best places? Haha, I laughed right away when I saw this because she could have easily sat it 2 inches over on the table, but instead, she chose my MacBook. Silly girl!

This is Chloe on our walk today! Whenever I babysit and have a chance to take the kids for a walk, I try to take advantage of that. It’s great to get us outside, and I can sneak in some exercise while working! Perfect!

For my lunch today, I ate a LARABAR with Banana. Peanut Butter Cookie of course!

Now, you guys have seen me do this before with an apple, and I love doing that. This on the other hand, was just not my favorite combo. I’ll stick with real PB on the banana. Chloe and I shared this and I just ate the pieces separately. It was much better that way 🙂

And to end the day before she went down for a nap, we played with her Labs, Shelby and Pat. So cute, right? Look at that smile! She’s literally the happiest little girl I know.

What great friends they are… this is going to be the doggy that she remembers when she is 20 (woah, weird to think about!) that she had the best memories with.. So precious

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