Make Your Own Almond Milk!

Good morning everyone. Hope you all slept well.


Yesterday for breakfast I had yogurt with chia seed granola, agave, and strawberries + coffee & almond milk with agave

photo 1

After breakfast, Marco and I walked downtown with Irene to the Farmers Market. After that, Irene and Marco walked me to Cafe Nouveau where I was meeting my Sister in Law Jinna for Brunch (about 4 hours after breakfast so really, you can call this lunch)

I got a Nouveau Garden Omelette that had tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and spinach inside, + avo on the outside. I skipped the sour cream, and got fruit instead of toast. All Omelettes come with taters- so good!

photo 3

Here’s my fruit bowl

photo 2

Jinna got Huevos Rancheros which she also said was great!


We sat and talked at the restaurant for quite a while, it was great. I have a nice sunburn to show for it. Whoops! It was so fun just to sit and have some girl talk for a while. Love you Jinna!

After breakfast, Marco came and picked us up and we stopped by Blenders before dropping Jinna at my Brothers band practice. Marco and I split a Peanut Butter.


When we got home, I made my own Almond Milk! This one is purely almonds, agave, and vanilla. I love knowing what’s in it!

-2 cups raw almonds

-6 cups water

-1 tsp. vanilla extract

-a couple swirls of agave

1) soak your 2 cups of almonds overnight. I soaked mine overnight, and all through the morning. I don’t know how necessary that is, but that’s just how my day played out. And hey, the milk turned out great!


Friday, Rachael, a Mom I nanny for gave me an extra nut milk bag. I was so excited to use it!


2) drain your almonds from the water they soaked in, toss them in the blender, and add 6 cups water (3 cups water to every one cup almonds)


3) After it’s pretty thuroughly blended, pour the mixture through the milk bag


4) gently squeeze the milk bag until all of the liquid comes out. I got quite a lot of liquid out of mine!

Note- you can save the pulp for baking purposes. I just don’t bake, so I didn’t save it! If anyone knows what I could use it for, let me know!


Later in the afternoon, I snacked on a banana before picking up two little ones to come swimming. We had so much fun!

After swimming, I showered them off, fed them dinner, and attempted at putting them to bed. They had all too much energy! Ha!

In between waiting to hear the kids jumping on the bed, I tried to get some food in. I had strawberries, and a peach. I wasn’t hungry enough for an entire dinner, because I ate my whole plate at Cafe Nouveau, and then had that thick Peanut Butter smoothie afterward.

IMG_4107.JPG IMG_4109.JPG

Great day yesterday! Today should be even better! We are headed to Church soon, and then plan to have some friends over to swim!


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