Make your own Raisin Bran. You know you love it!

Good morning, and happy Sunday friends! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, and I wish you the happiest of days today!

One of my little friends was reintroduced to me this morning. Cereal! We go good together for breakfast.

You’ve all tried “Raisin Bran,” right? Post has the best. But there is still too much sugar and actually, too many raisins! A few months ago I decided to just start making my own, because it really is my favorite cereal (most of my friends think Shredded Spoonfuls are- haha, there is a whole story behind that one)

Look at how many Vitamins Bran Flakes have? Holy moly!

And, lot’s of fiber! Plus, since 1 serving is hardly anything, I always pour 2. So that’s double the nutrition 😉 BTW, if you’re wondering, one serving hardly covers the bottom of the bowl. 2 servings isn’t even half the bowl. Cereal’s a toughie! You could easily eat 3 or 4 servings without even knowing.

This is the worlds best Almond Milk. It’s so creamy, and totally unsweetened. I LOVE it! Well, sweetened tastes super good, but normally I don’t need to sweeten mine, so I buy the unsweetened and if I ever feel like that extra sweetness, I just add it in myself 🙂

The last thing to add would be your raisins. I always by a bag of raisins from Trader Joes and put half a serving into my cereal. That’s an 8th of a cup. It seems to be just the right amount 🙂

Now, how cute is this? Perfect for a Sunday morning reminder of just how good God is.

He’s so good that he made Bran Flakes, just because he knew I would love them 😉

Love, Paige

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