Making Decisions From Your Values

This week we are talking about the importance of making decisions from your values, not your feelings. How would life look if you made every decision based on how you felt? Don’t you ever feel tired, anxious, scared? How would you ever move forward? There’s a better way, and I’m sharing it with you today.

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I actually don’t allow my feelings to decide what I do. If I did that, I’d miss out on some pretty amazing things in life!

When I first started doing group coaching, I was nervous before calls. Now it’s so fun and I look forward to hanging out with and coaching my group. But if I had allowed anxiety to call the shots, to be the deciding factor of me starting something, I never would be at the great spot I am at now, comfortable and SO enjoying leading group coaching inside of Aligned Coaching.

I encourage you to borrow values from your desired future self. What does SHE value? This mindset allows us to live a life where we make decisions in alignment with our values.

Now, there is a big difference between values, feelings and emotions. In the latest podcast episode, I explain why I believe making decision from feelings and emotions isn’t the best.

Feelings are like leaves, they change.

Think about it, do the fall vibrant colored leaves stick around long? What about the pink cherry blossoms come spring? Yes, again feelings are like leaves, they are not stable and therefore, aren’t a foundation we should launch off of for choices. But values, on the other hand? What we value in life will be steady! You will likely always value things like family, faith, kindness etc.

Ready to stop giving fleeting feelings and emotions power over your life? Ready to be empowered to take action from your values? Head over to Anchor, Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts and get to learning more in depth how to do just that. I can’t wait to share with you what has personally helped me so much to live a life I love.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • A simple way to start adding to your self-trust piggy bank
  • How to think about emotions with a neutral mindset
  • Why I don’t let anxiety or fear make decisions for me

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