Marco’s Christmas Gift

Well, this is part of it… the other part was a blu-ray player. After going back and forth between Apple-TV and a Blu-Ray player, we settled on blu-ray. We wanted to be able to play DVD’s and Pandora.

For the gift below… I was trying to think of something that Marco would really like for Christmas. When we first started dating, we took “The Five Love Languages” Test. We found out that he’s not much of a Gifts person, but that what really means the most to him is spending Quality Time together. I on the other hand, am a Words of Affirmation person. Marco teases me because he says I fit in with all of them.

Anyways, to accommodate his desire for Quality Time, I put together 4 pre-planned, pre-paid dates. They are all of our favorite things to do.

marcos xmas gift 1

A note explaining what this gift means

marcos xmas gift 2

A date to the movies and Urbane Cafe

marcos xmas gift 3

For when we are craving blenders. A date for smoothies and the beach with blankets. Lots of blankets!

marcos xmas gift 4

A special date night to Cafe Fiore downtown Ventura. Afterwards, walking around, holding hands, and being in-love ♥

marcos xmas gift 5

And last but not least, a Chipotle date, because we are both obsessed. This night, we are going to pick up Chipotle, bring it back to the Studio, and watch The Goonies. Marco thinks I had an inadequate Childhood because I’ve never seen The Goonies 😉 So, I included it into a date night.

He loved the gift and thought I was really “cool” for thinking of something so special. Haha, he said “Man, you’re cool!”

I love you babe. I can’t wait for our date nights ahead. You’re my best friend, and my favorite person to hangout out with. I’m so lucky I get to marry my best friend 🙂

Love, Paige

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