Mary’s Secret Garden

Good morning beauties! 🙂

breakfast yesterday: my favorite mix of cereal!

I’ve tried so many other raisin brans. They just don’t compare.

Bran flakes. raisins. slivered almonds. mix together.

+ unsweetened vanilla almond milk. sliced banana. done! The best. I’m tellin’ ya! Add some honey or raw agave for sweetener if you would like 🙂

dessert after breakfast: last little slice of vegan banana bread + black coffee

The sky was ridiculous yesterday, and it’s the same today! Time for the pool until babysitting tonight!

lunch: smoothie in a bowl.

handful of frozen bananas. handful frozen mixed berries. 2 tbsp. ground flaxseed. almond milk (just enough for a thick consistency but enough to mix well).

After lunch I went to the park with mama to walk. full parking lot!

All the way around + a little more is 1.7 miles. Perfect walk for a hot day!

Before my nighttime babysitting job I went to dinner with Marco. Can you see him?

He went to Mary’s Secret Garden with me! Boys are so bias about vegan food sometimes! “I’ll only go if you feed me before hand. You think that’s gonna fill me up? You’re wrong!” Marco didn’t act like this- he was all for it, and he loved it! Winner winner winner! 😉

for him: cilantro chycken sandwich

cilantro pistachio pesto, grilled veggie chycken, chipotle cashew cheeze, grilled jalapenos, tomato, red onions and avocado on a whole grain bun + fakin bakin on the side (which he also liked!)

for her: [MMM MMM GOOD] Tofu Pad Thai!

sautéed tofu in a creamy ginger peanut sauce with whole wheat pasta; served with chopped cilantro, lime wedges, shredded red cabbage and carrots (pretty sure I’m reading an older menu because those noodles were gluten free last night… hmmm!)

Anyways, this was outrageously good! Not the cheapest place in town, but well well worth the money! It’s all organic and 100% vegan. They also have lots of gluten free options, and use healthy cooking oils like coconut oil. Mmm!

Mary’s Secret Garden, you have won my heart again. Can I go back tonight? 😉

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