Meal Plan #3: Pesto Pasta

Good morning sweets!


cereal with blueberries and almond milk

Cereal same as yesterday — this has been heavenly! So crunch and cold in the mornings 🙂


This snack was un-pictured. After breakfast, I went and met Mom for a 2 mile walk. While I was at her house I snacked on a few tortilla chips with my Dad’s fresh tamatillo salsa and 1/2 of a fig bar.

After that, I took of and ran some errands. I bought my Bridesmaids gifts! I’ll be putting those together tonight. 🙂


open faced turkey sandwich

Lunch didn’t really happen… I made this open faced turkey sandwich on the heel of the bread and decided I didn’t like it less than halfway through, so I stopped.


healthy hits the spot smoothie

Later in the afternoon I made a Green Smoothie minus the greens (I was out) + blueberries/Peanut Butter. Yea. This was good! Notice the Binder? 😀

healthy hits the spot Facebook page

Look, I noticed during work yesterday that my Facebook Page hit 1,111 likes. Lucky, lucky! Who’s going to change that?

apple and water

My second afternoon snack was an organic apple with water. I never post photos of my water but I keep this bottle with me all day long.


carb loading

For dinner, I carb loaded. Ha! I planned to have Pesto Pasta with Broccoli, which we did, but we also got a surprise call from Dad that he made Marco and entire Pepperoni Pizza! How sweet, right? When Marco went to pick it up, Dad also stuck a Vegan slice inside for me with a few pieces of sweet potato. So, for dinner I had a little bit of each thing instead of just Pesto Pasta. It was filling and so satisfying.

Pesto Pasta w/ Broccoli: Gluten-free noodles with homemade pesto and one bag of frozen/boiled broccoli mixed in. Added 1T of Kerrygold butter for flavor. 

pizza from Dad homemade

Don’t worry, I didn’t starve Marco with just pasta. He had already conquered what used to be the other half of the pizza below, so he just wanted pasta at dinnertime. Guys. And the way they can eat.

How good does that look? My Dad is a pro-pizza maker!

Alrighty y’all! Tonight, I may veer from the Meal Plan and make something super simple like a Grilled Panini Sandwich. It’s going to be just me for dinner and my main focus is going to be relaxing with music and getting crafty with my bridesmaids gifts. We’ll see 🙂 Come back and check tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

Love, Paige

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PS, seriously… there is only 16 days until the Wedding!

Love, Paige

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