Meal Planning While Being Intuitive

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How was your Fourth of July?!

Marco and I had a fun 4th! We walked downtown from our apartment, got a beer with friends, shared a club sandwich (surprisingly healthier than your usual club — Dargan’s in Ventura) and then continued our walk far down the beach. Afterwards, we went to our friend Chris’s Ranch house. We played flip cup, made s’mores (I don’t like s’mores, so I just played with fire basically, ha!), and ate 4th of July foods. Meaning, potato chips & [a] hot dog’s. I balanced the beer/food by having healthy/light foods (which I was definitely craving) at my surrounding meals and ending my drinking night early with water and some good sleep.

We camped out in the back of my Prius. We laid all of the seats down, made a somewhat cozy (ha!) bed, and slept the night away. Some of our friends stayed in cars with beds made up in the back, and some pitched a tent. I love that no one drove home after drinking — good people!

The following day, Saturday, we hung out at the beach, packed a healthy lunch, swam a ton, and got brutally sunburned. All was great except for the sunscreen. Which may or may not have been expired/non-water resistant.

I wanted to write a post for you all about living on your own and meal planning, while still being intuitive. I know that there is confusion for many of you in this area, so allow me to clear the air.

First of all, let’s cover the definition of intuitive. My Daddy made me a definition kinda girl 🙂

  1. using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive

So, from this definition, can we first see that we shouldn’t think too much into intuitive eating? I know it’s tough, but it really is supposed to be instinctive. You’re supposed to listen for the que’s that your body wants to give you. If you’ve recently been dieting/restricting in any way, you’re going to have a tough time with this, and I do suggest coaching for you).

That being said, we can do this not only meal by meal, but also at the beginning of each week when we are deciding which foods sound appealing.

Can we also trust that our bodies are smart enough to know what will sound good at the beginning of the week, as well as at each meal?

Here’s what I am doing.

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Sunday morning (I believe it will be a Sunday ritual, because I enjoyed it so much) I woke up before Marco, made myself  a yummy coffee (goat’s milk & agave), and lounged on the couch in my Pj’s. I read old blog posts of mine for recipe inspiration. I made a short list of the things that made me go “Ah! Yum! That sounds good!” <– back to the definition.

  1. using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive

I put the list of 5 things that sounded good (you don’t have to cook at home this often, I just like to — saves money and helps me feel light). I put them under “Dinner’s This Week.”

Now I have a running list of 5 dinners that I know I’ll love. I don’t have a plan for specifically which day I’ll have them. I instead bought the groceries for each meal, and am going to let myself decide which sounds the best each day. I’m going to make enough at each dinner to cook once and eat twice so that I won’t have to spend too much time over lunches. Just dinner, and breakfast is a piece of cake anyway.

By the way, these lists are in the reminders section of an iPhone (or iPad). I love them! I don’t use my IOU anymore, but I did use it before when I was babysitting to help me remember who hadn’t paid yet. So convenient, babysitters!

Notice, I also keep a running grocery list. If I run out of something, all I have to do is add it to my grocery list for the next time I pass by TJ’s.

This week on the meal plan:

  1. Scrambled Tofu, Black Beans, Avocado, Cilantro
  2. Taco’s with Ground Beef, Romaine, Onion, Tomato, Avocado, Salsa, and Sour Cream for M
  3. Chicken, Brown Rice, Broccoli, Avocado, Tamari Bowls
  4. Garlic Tilapia, Asparagus, and Quinoa
  5. Chicken Adobo, Brown Rice, and Avocado

I love all of these foods and I am excited to make them! They each take time cooking in the kitchen, but hey, you have to make it a priority to set aside time to cook. I like to remind myself that it’s a way to relax if you allow it to be. Music while cooking helps! Thanks Pandora! Also, it doesn’t hurt to get into your PJ’s at this time. Also, if you know you can’t cook 5 meals in a week, cook enough to eat more than two times. You’ve really got to work with yourself here.

Likely what I’ll do is make the things that will go bad first. Like, I need to use my Tofu, so I’ll make that tonight. Next, I’ll probably make the taco’s, since Romaine is a super fresh food. Plus, we need to use up that salsa.

Make a list of things that sound good. Do your grocery shopping for those things (make a list for the grocery store), plus some breakfast foods. Cook enough to cook once, eat twice for lunches, and go with the flow. Don’t think too much into it. Just go with your instincts. If you need, there’s always the freezer!

For taking your lunch to work:

  • Grab fresh fruits at the Grocery Store to have for snacks
  • Get some great glass Pyrex Containers (posting on my favorite kitchen things this week, too!)
  • Cook once, eat twice — make enough at dinner to pack away for one or two people
  • Get some ingredients for a few fresh salads for the week, and pack those along side your dinner
  • You can switch your dinner up pretty easily — for example, with my tofu, black bean, and avo dinner, I could easily throw that inside of an Ezekiel tortilla and call it a burrito
  • Get a great lunch pail and ice pack from Target
  • Pack it the night before 

Follow me along throughout the week as I make these meals. I’ll share more about what is in them, plus, you’ll see photos of them all put together.

I hope this was extra helpful for you all!

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