Mental Overwhelm

Mental overwhelm can happen to anyone. It happens when you feel like your mind is spinning out of control and there’s no way of stopping it. You’ll start overthinking, thinking about the what-ifs, the should haves and could have beens. Your mind will be running in circles on repeat with thoughts that make you feel guilty, put yourself down, or worry about the future.

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Mental overwhelm often starts off as mind drama; a thought or event triggers some kind of emotion which then spirals into mental chaos.

Your brain is always trying to protect you. It’s always scanning the environment for potential threats, both physical and emotional. So when your mind starts talking you out of something–a new project, a new relationship, a new endeavor–it’s actually just doing its job.

But while your brain is trying to keep you safe, it’s also keeping you from growing and from achieving your goals. So how do you get past your mind’s objections and move forward anyway? By learning to recognize when your mind is being protective and when it’s just being negative.

Whenever you get the urge to do something new–or to keep going with a project that’s already challenging–listen for mind drama. If your mind is saying things like, “You can’t do this,” or “This will never work,” then you’re listening to mind drama. And if mind drama kicks in, ask yourself: Is mind drama keeping me from doing something I truly want to do?

If the answer is yes, then take a moment to acknowledge mind drama for what it is: mind chatter trying to keep you safe. This will help calm your mind down and get you back into action. If fear or doubt takes over, just remember that mind drama doesn’t reflect reality. It’s just your mind being over-protective.

If mind drama isn’t keeping you from doing something you want to do, then ask yourself if the thoughts are helpful or harmful. Helpful thoughts will move you forward and help you achieve your goals; harmful thoughts will hold you back and keep you stuck. If the thoughts are helpful, then let mind drama keep you safe and move forward anyway. If the thoughts are harmful, then mind drama is getting in your way…

To overcome mind drama, ask yourself: Do I have a choice? Sometimes we don’t have a choice–we just need to do something whether we like it or not. But if you do have a choice, then mind drama is standing in your way. So recognize mind drama for what it is–just mind chatter trying to keep you safe–and ask yourself: What one tiny step could I take right now? Often, just taking a small action will help calm mind drama down and get you back into action.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode on Mental Overwhelm:

  • What is mind drama?
  • How to reduce mental overwhelm
  • Questions to ask yourself to overcome mind drama

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