Miracle Mom Morning

I recently discovered my “Miracle Mom Morning”, which I gained inspiration from in the book, “The Miracle Morning”. This morning isn’t just for mom’s – it’s for everybody. These mornings are a time to pause and nurture ourselves – a time to move you forward into the ‘you’ you want to become.

In your own Miracle Morning, you decide each morning what will leave you feeling refreshed/accomplished/happy (whatever the desired emotions), what time you will wake up, and what works best for your current season of life. You will start your day off feeling amazing.

What Does My Miracle Mom Morning Look Like?

As of late, Selah wakes up between 6:30am-7:30am, so my “Miracle Mom Morning” starts at 5am right when my alarm goes off. This isn’t always easy (my brain always tries to convince me that staying bundled in my down comforter would be the best idea), but I know how great I will feel once I get up and start my miracle morning. And it’s so true – every morning after just 10 minutes (and some coffee!) I am so glad I woke up and started my day.

I plan out my Miracle Morning the night before (currently doing that in my Monk Manual), that way I don’t gravitate towards what I call “Time Wasters”. This includes things such as Instagram, text messages, or emails. I can do those things later in the day. Instead, I use the earliest hours to do things that scare me or move me a step closer to my goals. I do things that move me closer to where I want to be. Things that later in the day I might find myself saying “Do I really want to do that?”

Currently, I make coffee and walk up to my office. I ask myself what I can do to push myself a bit closer to who I want to become (well, I decide those things the night before), and I do those things first. Sometimes, we get so lost in the “how” to get what we want, that we get stuck in the land of “wanting”. We are allowed to want, but we don’t want to get stuck in the land of “wanting” (aka, you ruminate on wanting something different, you’re not totally clear on what it is, and you’re left feeling dissatisfied instead of taking action in your wants).

[This week in Aligned Coaching we’re focusing on our newest course, Shed. In that course, we’re diving deep into permission to want and how to not get stuck in the-land-of-wanting. We’re talking about how to take powerful action toward what you want, and clearly defining this. We’re defining and letting go of what’s holding us back. Join us in Aligned Coaching.]

Instead of staying stuck in the land-of-wanting we need to move toward what we want and let go of what is slowing us down or holding us back. Once I am in my office, I use this time to reach out to people who I want to be on the podcast, write things, be creative for my business, and take steps to move my business forward.

After I spend that time working towards my goals, I wake Selah (if she hasn’t already woken up – sometimes the AM time gets cut short and that’s okay) and nurse her. I set her up to play while I make breakfast. Then, I take her and Abby on a long walk, and Selah takes her first nap of the day. While she does, I plug in a podcast or audiobook. And that’s my Miracle Morning right now! After doing these things, I feel accomplished and filled up for the rest of the day, and I love knowing that I can relax once the evening comes, and I don’t feel the need to keep that creative energy turned on for hours at a time. I’m not “an evening person.” I’m like a kindergartener that needs to sleep once post-dinner time hits. Don’t poke at me, ha! I’m willing to accept this trade off to have GREAT early mornings.

Why We Need to Let Go of Excess

In my last post, I talked about having a newborn and an office at home and the fear that people will care if my clients hear her in the background. Talking about this on the podcast last week helped SO much, and since then I have completely let that go (pretty powerful how simply calling something out can help you own it and let it go).

I also held a workshop on Excess (you can still get it here), and shared why that worry was holding me back and the mental energy that I was putting into that worry. It was zapping me of the potential momentum I could put toward my creative energy. So, I let that go and moved forward as someone who is not worried about this. I changed my attitude and have more creative energy for it. This creative energy is actually what led to me start my miracle mornings the very next day. Since last week, I have spent 10 extra hours working towards my business goals that I would not have done if I had not embraced the imperfections and released that fear. (That’s wild!)

Often, when something is holding us back we’re not fully aware of it. That’s why we get stuck. It’s hard to see how much of an impact being held back or feeling stuck has on the rest of our lives. The mental energy it takes can spill into other areas of your life that takes away your energy. It’s important to recognize the pieces you need to let go of to create the freedom to move in the direction you want to go.

So I want to challenge you to plan out your Miracle Morning for tomorrow. What can you do that will push you to grow and become the version of you who you’ve wanted to become? What does your Miracle Morning look like? I would love for you to DM me your plan, and let me know if this podcast episode inspired you to start your own morning routine.

Lastly, we just started a new course in Aligned Coaching called “Shed”, where you will SHED anything that is currently holding you back from being the YOU you want to be. I would LOVE to have you, whether it be for a month or for the full year. I think it is a great way to empower yourself and truly commit to your own growth. I hope you will join me there!

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