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Good morning everyone! Yesterday started bright and early. I woke up @ 5:20 to blog to the world and have my quiet coffee time before meeting my family for breakfast. Mmm, mmm was it good!


photo 1

We met at Cafe 126 on the very edge of East Ventura. I ordered a veggie omelet with no cheese and potatoes. Gave the biscuits and gravy away. I think I’m going to turn into a breakfast potato… I’ve been loving them so much!


For an lunch, I had leftover salad from Cheryl’s Birthday. So yummy the next day. The crunchy romaine lettuce held up well.

photo 2

For a snack, I picked a peach off a tree!


For snacks throughout the afternoon and evening, since my lunch was so early, I munched on….

IMG_4316.JPG IMG_4318.JPG

Trek-mix (you can see, I was being extra cozy yesterday

IMG_4319.JPG photo 3

Working in bed. Love it. Maids were cleaning downstairs.


Look at that view!

IMG_4322.JPG photo 5

I posted this picture on FB and instagram last night for my Ventura friends, and you guys guessed it! Nature’s Grill 🙂

photo 1

Greek Salad! This salad was delicious! I just asked for no cheese and we were good to go. Man, Natures Grill’s chicken is amazing…. Wow!

photo 2

Momma got the Veggie burger minus the cheese and boy o boy. It looked good!

photo 3

She also ordered a side salad with Tahini. I love Natures Grill.

We walked there and back, so along with a healthy dinner, we also got in a 3 mile walk with hills. I loved having a date with my Momma, I love that lady! We had fun, and laughed a ton- especially as I told her about the hypnotist show at the fair. I still can’t get over parts of that.

After dinner we stopped at Starbucks and I got a Green Tea for the walk home. So cozy 🙂

Okay everyone, enjoy your day! I’m working from home most of the day, having a Coffee date, going to the Gym, working some more, and then heading out for a Nanny job this evening.


Love, Paige

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