Mom’s Birthday

Good morning everyone! How was your day yesterday? Hopefully great!

Yesterday was my Moms Birthday! Happy Birthday Momma!


In the morning, Marco and I had quiet time, and then I made us breakfast.

I reheated the frittata from Cafe Nouveau that I had left over.. gave him most of it, and had a little piece for myself for the protein. What I was really craving was fruit. So, I cut up a banana and some watermelon. Yummy!


For a snack a couple hours later, I had 2 mini whole wheat pita breads with hummus + brushcetta


While I was getting ready, I snacked on a few almonds to put some healthy fat into my body.

Operation Eat More Fat from Sarah Wilson’s book says that if you eat more fat, your sugar cravings will reduce. Healthy fat that is 🙂

Picture 4

After my little Almonds snack, I met my friend Jade at Coffee Bean. Love out Coffee dates 🙂

I got a Cafe Latte with non-fat milk and espresso


When I got home I threw together a salad that I told you all I’d make with my leftover brussel sprouts


I made my own dressing again with this nifty little dressing maker that Marcos parents got me


It wasssss delicous….! Spring mix, spinach, bell pepper, cucumber, kalamata olives, lentils, turkey, goat cheese, and orange/peach dressing… so good!

About an hour later Marco and I hit the Gym. The past couple weeks the Gym has felt soo good! We’ve been riding our bikes most days, and working hard when we get there. I always leave with the feeling “wow, I got a good workout.” And I’m really starting to see change in my body. I started lifting weights about 2 months ago, and I’m just now starting to see the transformation myself. It feels really good! So, my encouraging words are don’t stop. It takes a while to see change within yourself.

Speaking of change in your body… I’m working on a post about how your body changes as you grow up… It’s going to take me a bit to write because it’s hard for me, but I’ll get it up and I think many women are going to appreciate it…


Last night for dinner my family went to Yolanda’s to celebrate my beautiful Mama’s Birthday. She’s the best Mom in the world. No, really!


Marco and I 🙂


Chips + Salsa/Beans


Salad w/ Bleu Cheese (ate all of it)


Chicken Villa (ate half, took half home)


Marcos burrito that I was secretly drooling over…. How good does that look?


And then they brought this for my Mom’s Happy Birthday song…. and of course we all handed it down to Marco.. haha, poor guy! No, not really… he loves it!


Me trying to take 1/100 pictures of Marco… I can’t believe he puts up with me…. 😉

Picture 1

Love, Paige

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