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Do you believe that you can experience daily EASE around money? This week I want to give you a dose of inspiration and an invitation to inviting ease into your relationship with money. What if you could remove the stress that money causes, trust that all will be provided in the right time, and start living your life in a meaningful way without money being the boss of you?

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Our thoughts are CRAZY powerful. One thought shift can truly change your life, in any area.

Think about it, where in your life has a changed mindset led to great impact?

Have Intuitive Eating mindsets you’ve heard then spoken over yourself changed your relationship with food?

Have positive body image mindsets you’ve heard then spoken over yourself changed your relationship with your body?

Have joyful movement mindsets you’ve heard then spoken over yourself change your relationship with exercise?

What we hear on repeat we start to believe, good or bad. And that includes what we tell ourselves.

If someone were to grab ahold of a recording of your thoughts the past month, from every time you had a money thought, what kind of thoughts would they hear you thinking?

Abundance thoughts?

Scarcity thoughts?

Thoughts of, “I wish I had that, then I’d be happy?” or “She is so lucky, I wish I had that, too”?

Do you believe it’s possible to change your relationship with money? It is possible, for anyone, just so you know. But it’s not enough for me to believe that for you, YOU have to make the decision to see it as a possibility for you.

As a pastor once said, “You’ll never arrive at a destination you don’t think is possible.” A great first step for believing Money Ease and Money Peace is possible for you is using your imagination. Picture your future self calmly holding money, thoughtfully spending it, and being okay with and without spending it.

Take a minute right now, it will be SO worth doing the below exercise:

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath to calm and center yourself. Now bring up a picture of yourself in the future, wearing a smile, looking peaceful with money in your purse or on the table in front of you, wherever you find yourself in this visualization.

Sometimes SEEING yourself doing something can help make it easier to believe it’s actually possible for you to experience in real life.

Practice new thoughts like, “I can be calm around money,” to help you start to believe that truly is a destination you can arrive at. Again, what we hear on repeat, we start to hold as a belief.

Your current situation truly doesn’t have to remain your final destination when it comes to money! Promise!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How changing my thoughts around flossing helped me experience ease with dental hygiene
  • How our thinking patterns determine how we feel around money and more

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