Money + Self-Care: Spending on Yourself Where It Counts

Money + Self-Care: Spending on Yourself Where It Counts

The past two weeks I’ve been traveling the midwest.

From San Luis Obispo to Columbus, Ohio, where I taught an intuitive eating workshop with Simi. To Fort Wayne, Indiana, to have lunch and visit with my friend and our Instagram manager (for @finallyfreeprogram) Karly. To Grand Rapids, Michigan, to have coffee with my friend Jeremy. And finally, to Hesperia, Michigan, to visit my dads side of the family for the week.

It was a wonderful trip.

On my final day I met up with my cousins Genny and Molly. They took me to an awesome Christmas market in Grand Rapids before I hopped on a flight back to Los Angeles, California.

I was traveling for a total of seven hours. I’d had lunch a couple of hours before take-off and felt hungry mid-flight. I felt all around lethargic. You know that post-lunch/mid-workday feeling? Yeah, like that.

I thought to myself, “Could you write a blog post? Work is coming up on Monday. That could be a good thing to get done.”

“Nope. That sounds horrible. I want to sit here, close my eyes, and do nothing else.”

Cue food and drink carts rolling down the isle.

Next thoughts…

“I’m hungry.”

Looks at snack options in the seat-back menu.

“That hummus with crackers sounds amazing…”

“But the pretzels are free.”

“Would the pretzels be enough? Maybe with coffee? Those are both complimentary.”

“Paige, you’re exhausted, hungry, and have no energy. What do you think your BODY wants?”

“The hummus would feel really good…”

Cue food cart woman pulling up and asking: “Food for purchase? Anyone?”

Cue final toss up in my mind of *should I spend money on myself* when there are free pretzels available…

“I’ll have the hummus, please.”

Cue me enjoying my hummus, crackers, and coffee.

Cue me feeling so much better.

Cue creativity sparking.

Cue me pulling out my computer and writing with renewed energy.

Cue me enjoying the flight much more.

Cue thinking to myself “Why do you do this?” and remembering that I’m not alone and that some of you can relate too.

Cue turning this into a (this) blog post so I can hear from all of you.

Can you relate?

I don’t always do these money toss ups in my mind (and I’ve gotten much better), but more often than I’d like to I still throw around this money conversation in my mind.

Most of the time, I still get myself to order or buy whatever would feel best. It’s not that I need to be this tight with my money. I don’t.

I just always want to make sure something is worth it. Most of the time this is great. It works in my favor when considering things like: Marco and I hitting our big savings goals, twice; having the financial freedom to travel, often; and being on the same page about money since we’ve been together.

That’s all great.

But when it comes to honoring my body with my money, I really have to remind myself of my value. That it’s okay to spend money on feeling good.

Do you have to remind yourself of the same thing?

When you go out to eat, do you think about what would feel really good? And then do you allow yourself to oder that food? Or do you make yourself order the cheapest item, even if that’s not what you know sounds good and would feel good?

What is the happy medium for you? (I totally understand and support the need and desire to budget – I budget religiously – AND I strongly feel that there’s a happy medium we can find.)

In fact, since I started budgeting in 2011 I’ve been able to invest more in my health and well being because I’ve become intentional with where I spend my money. I can direct it toward myself intentionally vs. “accidentally” (whoops!) spending it on clothing I don’t need (for example).

Often, when a client who really wants coaching is struggling to sign up because of the money factor, we have this conversation.

In fact, this is a great example about being intentional. When my clients sign up for coaching, they often end up saving money for several reasons:

  • They get intentional about everything in their lives, including money
  • They begin to pay attention to their values, which changes their spending (have you ever heard that saying “if you want to know what your values are just look at your credit card statement” – truth!)
  • They get really good at grocery shopping and not impulse buying, which saves money
  • They do better with boundaries, which means they’re not spending or sharing money out of guilt; rather, they’re choosing where they want to be generous
  • The list goes on…

However, that initial jump to invest in coaching can be hard. Not for everyone (for some of my clients this sign up is an easy-breezy no-brainer), but for some it’s a struggle (this would be me!).

So where are you at in honoring your body with your money? Can you relate?

Here are some other ways you can honor your body with your money (aka, other areas you might notice that you’re NOT honoring your body with your money and can make a change):

  • Buying clothing that fits and is comfortable, even if it costs a little bit more or if you already have new jeans in your closet — if they don’t fit, you deserve something that does
  • Shopping for high quality groceries that you know will leave you feeling good
  • Investing in your physical health through exercise when it’s worth it to you, even when that costs a little bit of money
  • Allowing yourself to buy supplements and vitamins that allow you to feel your best
  • Giving yourself permission to spend a bit of money on a coach or counselor, even if that means spending less in other areas for a little while
  • The list goes on…

What are other areas that come to mind for you? Share them in the comments – I’d love to hear more perspectives on this! Let’s continue this conversation.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice blog post. There are other people who you should turn to for financial advice, like a financial advisor or Dave Ramsey (he’s awesome!). This is simply a topic I wanted to spark conversation around. I’m curious to hear from you — share in the comments.

Love, Paige

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