Morning Eats and Step 2!

Hello everyone! How is your morning? Hopefully good! I woke up at about 7:30, updated my Trader Joes List, grabbed a quick mini Clif bar, and headed out to the gym! I did Step II this morning, and this Clif bar + my cup of coffee gave me a great amount of energy! I swear- that class is the BEST workout! I love exercise more than ever! I’ve gone almost every day this summer- now that feels good!

When I came home from the gym I was starving and ready to eat! I decided on a bowl of cereal with banana because I just bought this new cereal yesterday!

It was recommended to me by my Aunt Shelly, and it is SO good! It’s so crunchy, and has the perfect sweetness! Highly recommend this!

In my cereal I use Almond Milk

Occasionally I use regular milk, but I like the creaminess of the Almond Milk better.

Although the milk is unsweetened, I didn’t need to add any sweetener because the cereal and the banana together were plenty sweet!

Such a good breakfast! Cereal is very filling and satisfying to me… do you guys like cereal too? What is your favorite kind?

After breakfast I wanted just a little something more, so I made a quick little balanced snack

1 tsp. of peanut butter with 1/2 an apple

This is the other half of the apple that I had last night for my Petite Treat. All I did this morning was chop off a sliver of the part that was exposed, and it was ready to eat (refridgerated overnight).

Perfect snack, and totally satisfied! Now I’m ready for the day! Let’s see what today brings. It’s the last Friday of Summer! Crazy!

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