Mother’s Day with Selah

Paige and Selah On Mother's Day

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day weekend. This week’s podcast was what I call a “Living Room with Selah Edition”, where I talk with you about all things motherhood while I am also taking care of Miss Selah. This Mother’s Day was one filled with mixed emotions. My sweet mama is no longer with us, and that always brings sadness and feelings of loneliness without her. However, this is my first Mother’s Day with Selah, so it’s a new level of special for me. She is the absolute light of my life, and I can also see my mom in her — which makes me love her even more. Since having her, it has given me a new perspective of what my moms love for her kids felt like (and why it was so hard for her to know she was leaving us behind when she was passing). I feel that kind of love with Selah now.

My favorite things about my mom were how much love she always had to give to others — she was known as “Dottie Love” because of how loved she made everyone feel. She was such a calming presence, and she was able to make us feel so safe. I remember when I was about 10, she asked me if I wanted to spend the day with her — just me and her. She booked us a room at the Comfort Inn (which is so funny because now Marco is in charge of booking our stays because we grew up with very different hotel stay experiences!), and we got dinner (Panda Express!) and hung out in the jacuzzi together. It was SO fun and such a spontaneous trip, and I love that memory of us together. Being a mom now, I understand so many things about her that I didn’t before. Knowing I will get to see her again one day in heaven gives me so much comfort and hope.

In this week’s podcast episode, I answer questions that you all sent in about motherhood from your identity as a mother vs. who you were before having kids, how I balance work with motherhood, how Marco and I schedule our time to work and take care of Selah, and so much more!

Motherhood is amazing, and it is what I have looked forward to my entire life. It is a complete identity change which can be hard, but I am learning how to maintain versions of my “pre-Selah” life while stepping into my new (favorite) role as a mother. I am incorporating the things that are important to me, and am learning to be okay with leaving other things behind (for example, the house doesn’t need to be clean at all times of the day!). I am giving myself so much grace, and I know that my identity will continue to change as Selah grows and gets older. Anything good worth having is also hard, and that is totally okay! Motherhood is truly the best thing ever, and the challenging parts are completely worth it.

This podcast episode is one of my favorites I’ve recorded, because I recorded this with Selah, and it truly is like we’re just hanging out in my living room chatting about all things motherhood. I hope you love this episode as well!

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