Motivation Monday: Visually Inspired

It’s here! Monday!

As I began writing this post, I was thinking “Monday seems to be the day that people often need motivation.” My original plan was to log onto my twitter, and post a few tweets to give you guys an example.

As I was searching through twitter this morning, everyones posts seem to be positive! Hey, I am not complaining! Now I will just add to the positivity 🙂

“hope you have an awesome morning!”

“workout of the day, done!”

“oh hey there week! Welcome!”

“Mondays are my favorite day of the week!” (wow!! nice!)

“ready to go sailing!”

“good morning! 🙂 up with the sun this morning!”

Somethin’s in the air this morning, and I like it!

I always write my blog with the motto, “write about what you would want to read yourself.” So, this morning, I was thinking “what do I most need motivation for?”

Well, I need motivation for a lot of things! Motivation invigorates me, and I love it!

A few things I love having motivation for: eating clean, fashion, recipe ideas (I like pictures more than the actual recipe), organizing, loving others the best I can, cleaning, finances, planning, gifts… etc…

Of course, the first thing that popped into my mind was my favorite Visual Motivator… you ready for this? I bet some of your brains have already tuned to what I am about to say..

Pinterest! Here is a link to mine!

I am suuuch a visual person! Throw me a recipe, with no pictures, you’re almost guaranteed I won’t make it. Throw me a picture (even without a recipe), I will most likely throw everything in my kitchen together until I can re-create that meal. Can anyone relate?

My Pinterest is full of things that inspire me. From food, to dream home, to vision board, to fashion, to hair. It has everything!

Reminders like this definitely keep me motivated to love myself. I have a whole happiness section where I re-pin like crazy.

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, think of it as one huge Vision Board. Have you ever gone through tons of magazines, cut out everything that inspires you, created a big pile of it, and then never looked at it again? Or perhaps you always look at it… Well, either way, I like to think of Pinterest as a more simple way of doing just that.

You can use the web to “Pin” any pictures you want. It’s like creating your own personal magazine! Plus, you can search through Pinterest and “Repin” pictures that others have posted.

I pretty much know what my future home is going to look like, thanks to Pinterest 🙂

I even get Ideas for Kid’s Meals & Meal Planning from Pinterest. It’s a life saver! Do you use any type of Vision Board to inspire you? What kind? 
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