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We are MOVING and this time, it’s out of state.

We're moving to Reno, Nevada! Even though change can feel scary, we STILL have a heightened sense of responsibility to nurture ourselves through change. Read more to read about our journey so far and how I'll be caring for myself as we prepare for the move!

The Story!

In September 2017, Marco and I landed in Lake Tahoe for our friends Ashten + Kyle’s wedding. A trip that would change the course of the plans we’d thought we knew.

Ashten reminded me that if their hashtag was #itstartedwithapizza, ours is #itstartedatthewedding – their wedding! HA! So very true!

It was our first time in Tahoe and we fell in love immediately. I think anyone would!

This trip was followed by a very hard season, sending my mom off to be with Jesus, in February 2017.

During that trip to Tahoe, light shown a little brighter and hope was restored. Our souls were refreshed. It was a true new beginning for us. There’s no other way to explain what we felt that trip.

After our stay in Tahoe we drove down the mountain (I’ve realized I deeply love the mountains) into Reno, Nevada. That weekend, our only intention was to visit friends.

As we drove down the hill and came up upon Reno my eyes lit up.

That’s Reno?

“THAT’S RENO?!” I said to Marco.

It had been nearly 15 years since my last trip to Reno, and it looked MUCH different. Much larger, newer, and quite frankly, more exciting!

My first trip was fun – I was with cousins and we were visiting friends who had just moved there -however, I had just finished telling Marco that all I remember about Reno from that trip was “dirt and a Quizno’s.”

Looking back, I was young, my memory from high school sucks anyway, and our friends WERE building a brand new pre-school, hence the memory of a dirt lot. We did eat at a Quizno’s, hence the memory of a Quizno’s. My 15 year old diet-self would only eat their “Turkey Lite.” Anyone else? Ha!

That said, within three days of this trip back in September, we fell in love yet again… but this time with Reno.

It Started

Fall colors were beginning to show, the city felt big but small, and the growth was unlike anything else we’d ever seen.

New homes going up everywhere, new businesses, restaurants, and hotels. New tech centers including the Tahoe Reno Center, the largest industrial park in the worldddd. I had no idea! It includes Tesla (which is probably responsible for all of this growth!), Google, Thrive Market, Zulily, Switch, etc…

I became a little obsessed. I started researching, driving to new places. Exploring.

Marco and I packed up on Monday morning to head home, only to call our friends back 4 hours later and ask “Hey guys, mind if we stay another night? We’re still here!”

We drove out to this “new Silicon Valley” of sorts to see all of the growth. We tried to get a tour in Tesla — we couldn’t. Haha! That place has full on security.

I hopped on Yelp and made a list of places I wanted to see. We jumped on Zillow to look at housing prices and for us, being from California, the prices were so drawing. 

As we traveled around for those three days, I found so many things that I loved – restaurants, coffee shops, sights, walking paths, homes, etc… So many things that made Reno feel like “this could be home.”

For those who live in Reno or have been recently… some of the things that drew me most were the West Elm downtown (an old post office turned into a West Elm), The Basement, the Truckee River, The Eddy (an outdoor bar built of shipping containers), the BELIEVE sign downtown (a HUGE cast iron sign that says “BELIEVE” brought in from Burning Man), and a coffee shop I’d like to live in – Hub Coffee Roasters.

The Possibilities

Inside Hub, Marco and I sat overlooking the river talking about Reno and all we were discovering, watching people walk by dressed for the cold. Not like you-need-a-sweater cold Like, real cold. The kind most of you reading probably know about (ha!). It was different. New. Exciting.

We started to talk about life there and what it might look like. We could get a puppy. We could hike with our friends Bob and Kelly who LOVE to hike (we went to Colorado with them). We could afford a house. Like a big one, and have family come and visit.

In that house I could have an office, we could have kid’s, and we could afford it, with money leftover to travel and live a life we love. We could spend summers at the lake. We could snowboard in the winter – Mount Rose is 15 minutes up the hill from South Reno.

So we really began to talk… Okay, where would we live?

We began to look.  We first looked at model homes (one of my favorite things to do) and surprise, FELL IN LOVE AGAIN. I would soon learn that I am a realtors dream come true because my excitement shows ALL OVER my face. I need to learn to reel that in. 

How much love could my heart take, this trip? How much possiblity I would see on this little five day vacation, I had no idea.

My little farmhouse. Which is not little at all. It’s a new, 3,060 square foot house that is essentially half the price of a two bedroom house where we currently live. This is not bragging. This is expressing what the two of us felt that day as things that we’d written off as “unrealistic” became possible.

What? Our kids could have their own rooms? I could have an office inside our home?

To give you guys an idea… New condos just went up next door to us in SLO and the 1,200 square foot two bedrooms are $1,100,000. Which, quite frankly, is out of our budget. Ha! Plus, we’d have to shove two kids (that’s the dream) and an office all together in the second room (which we wouldn’t do, ha!).

Since living here there have been two other three bedroom homes that we’ve highly considered buying, however they were each 60 years old with original everything and needed to be gutted. They started at $675,000 – that’s without any work being done.

So, yes, the housing market in Reno appealed to us.

The house is what first hooked me for real because the realm of possibility it opened up. We started to dream of our life there together. Having a dog, babies, waking up and making coffee in that big and bright kitchen. I became, quite literally obsessed with that home.

I remember early on, Marco asked me “Okay, if we DON’T buy the farmhouse, would you still want to live in Reno?”

I wasn’t sure. I was so entirely attached to that home I couldn’t fathom NOT living in it. It felt like a dream come true.

Our Love Grew

But sure enough, God would change my heart again. We continued to visit Reno, nearly once a month from September until now. With each visit, I fell more in love with the city itself. Not just the city, but the people of Reno.

The people. Every single person, nice and enthusiastic about this city they live in. The love people have for Reno is contagious. Marco started to joke that I talked to people everywhere I went. 

“Do you live here? How long? Do you like it? What do you like?” 

A lot of people had moved there from California – Orange County, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Santa Barbara. I only met one person who had moved from Colorado. One who had moved from DC. Other people I met had grown up there. But we met a lot of people who had moved from CA.

So I would ask: “What’s it like living here, after moving from California?” wondering if they’d say they missed CA. But not a single person did. Each person stayed and talked with me about their life in Reno and how much they loved it there.

They’d shared how many outdoor things there are to do. How there’s a little bit of everything. How the community is great. The seasons are awesome. There’s snow, but not TOO much. (Though, I beg to differ after seeing this winter, ha!)

Needless to say, in all of our visits to Reno since September, God has only grown our desire to move with each trip.

It Happened

So I bet you can guess what’s next…

On April 2, yes, in exactly two weeks, Marco and I will be packing up our home. On April 3, we will be moving to Nevada, starting a new season together in Reno.

We could NOT be more excited and grateful that God granted us our wish, and we are still pinching ourselves that this is happening.

At one point, we were only dreaming. Now, we’re doing it. We’ve jumped in together and we’re making this desire our reality. I can’t explain how empowering this feels and how grateful it makes me for Marco, who is willing to make these big leaps and changes with me.

I’m grateful to God that this was His plan, and not just ours.

The dreams we have for Reno are quite huge, and we’ll have to see how they unfold once we get there.

Some first hopes are: a puppy, lots of hiking, snowboarding (Lord help me), and digging into the housing market with our realtor.

Change excites me. You all know this well, as I talk about it pretty frequently.

I’m also so very well aware and mindful that change and moving brings with it it’s own set of fears, grief, and a season for adjusting.

What’s Next

Here’s what I know about moving so far…

As we anticipated our move to San Luis Obispo it was all rainbows. My first cry set in the night before our move. I had never moved from family, I knew not a single soul in SLO. The fear of loneliness ripped my heart that night, and as it would be, that entire first seven months of living in SLO.

Each time my family would visit I would feel both DEEP JOY and DEEP PAIN, knowing they’d be leaving again, and I’d be alone in this town where I had very little community.

I had a few friends in that first six-months of living in SLO, but as all relationships do, these took time to nurture before they felt absolutely easy and natural.

For any of you who have moved before, you know the longing that I’m talking about. That longing for a friend who can come over, climb on the couch and watch a movie with you. The friend who will just “stop by” and say hi.

About seven months into my move to SLO, I pushed myself far outside of my comfort zone and began to create new relationships and deepen some of the ones that I had already made. Thank God for the courage to do this. To say hi to random women in coffee shops (ha!) and go to Meetups groups.

In San Luis Obispo, I have fostered more female friendships than I’ve ever had at one time. My gal-gang community here is STRONG. This is what I will strive to create again, in Reno. Though my SLO gals will never be replaced. They’re my sisters.

My friends in SLO will be friends for a lifetime.

I have many incredible memories here – some of my favorites include pizza and wine nights laughing deeper into my belly than I can even put into words; others include my early bible study, walks, and work mornings with my girls over coffee. I love my girls so much.

I know this move will bring with it feelings of missing my friends in SLO. But I also know that we feel ready to move on from this little town. And that knowing will stay with us, as we’re adjusting.

Self-Care Through Change

Here’s how I know I’ll need to take care of myself through this next season…

I was talking with a client last week who is in a similar season – she’s just moved to a new place. We talked about how right now she has a heightened sense of responsibility to care for herself WELL. To take herself to coffee shops, to go on walks, to call family and create connection, and to remember that all of her feelings of fear/change are 100% normal. To trust that she’s in the right space and really, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Sure, moving can be scary, but my friends… change is always a bit scary. And scary feelings, though they’re hard, they do not kill us and they do pass.

That said, we STILL have a heightened sense of responsibility to nurture ourselves through change.

To ask ourselves: “How can I make this feel safer? What are the things I need to do to bring myself more comfort?”

For me… the things I will do to comfort myself through this move are:

#1 — Create community BEFORE I move, which I’ve done through reaching out and making friends on Instagram. I’ve already met a handful of women, in person, and I adore them. I’m making plans to meet with them that first week we’re there, and I will so foster those relationships.

We also already have a couple handfuls of long time family friends there, who I am SO excited to spend more time with.

#2 — Create a routine that fosters my well being. My favorite routine EVER (and this is totally personal preference, so as you read this PLEASE let your own preferences be OK) is to wake up, have an hour to sip coffee, read a devotional, journal if I want to, and then head to the gym.

At the gym, I love to do a short burst of super sweaty cardio, like the stair master (literally, sometimes five minutes will do) and then focus on weight lifting and getting stronger. I usually also start with a simple warm up walk.

When I’m home, I feel clean, fresh, and energized. I make breakfast, shower, and get dressed for the day, and THEN start work (I talk a ton about this in detail, in my eBook here). So in Reno, I want to continue to foster this routine.

#3 — Set up my home in a way that brings me JOY. We’re only signing a three month lease, because as I mentioned we want to buy a house. So the apartment we’re moving into on April 3rd is a transition home, unless we decide to wait to buy a house.

Even though this is a transition home, I will be unpacked fully by day two – I can promise you that. Ha! Again, personal preference.

I want to enjoy my space fully as soon as possible, so setting up is important to me. Even though we may only be there for three months, that’s three months of our lives I want to enjoy our home. SO I will still put in the effort to decorate in a way that makes us both happy.

#4 — Say YES to opportunities for connection. Fostering community IMMEDIATELY when we move is so important to me. I will say yes to plans, ask others to make plans, and create a life that feels fun, right away. I didn’t do that when we moved to SLO, and it made things harder on me.

To wrap it up…

We are so excited!!!

Reno already feels like home and we are not even there yet.

I cannot wait to share our journey with you. I cannot wait to show you photos of the lake, full days snowboarding, when we get our puppy, and just the day to day joys we discover. I can’t wait to share the setup of our new home. I can’t wait to coach my clients from my new office. I can’t wait to see new weather and experience seasons.

I can’t wait to explore new coffee shops and restaurants and to deepen friendships that have already sprouted. There’s so much that I am excited for.

Thank you so much for celebrating with us. Again, I am just so excited to share this next step with all of you!

Celebrate with us and leave a comment below! THANK YOU for being excited with us! 

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