My Best Friend’s Visit

Hey all!

Another life post for ya.

I just got back from a long weekend off, hanging with my best friend, Kayla. It was awesome. I love posting about our times together, mainly because I get to look back on them later (like this weekend). But also because I love to share “in between” day-to-day life with you.

The Best Place to Share a Sandwich in Reno, Nevada - Rubicon

Kayla arrived Thursday and when I picked her up we went straight to Coffeebar for cappuccinos and some catch up time. After capp’s we landed at Rubicon to share a sandwich (this photo is of our shared sandwich — good size, huh?!).

After lunch we met up with Marco and our friend Chase. We took Kayla to the GSR (Grand Sierra Resort and Casino). We played $20 on video blackjack (so fun!) and were up $2.00 – haha, big winnings! Meanwhile Marco was down $20, but got his monies worth in beer. Ha!

We had a blast and after we left we picked up Abby and took her over to Chase’s to BBQ. Her and her favorite buddy Texas (her puppy boyfriend) played the night away (literally, she slept so good).

Hiking Monkey Rock in Lake Tahoe

The next day Kayla and I packed up the car and headed to Tahoe to hike Monkey Rock. There’s an actual rock carved like a monkey at the top of the peak. Pretty cool! We had a great hike and afterward we grabbed a coffee at Tunnel Creek Cafe (in the woods) and drove around Lake Tahoe.

Our Pup Abby and I Hike Monkey Rock in Lake Tahoe

It was so fun hiking so much with Kayla and Abby this weekend. We spent 80% of our time outside being active. Such a great feeling. Clearly it made me very happy. 😉

My Favorite Place to Hike Near Reno, Nevada

Saturday was spent exploring Reno, taking Kayla to Scheel’s (coolest store – like Cabella’s on steroids), and walking at “happy creek.” My favorite place to walk, self-named.

Hiking Galena Creek Trail in Nevada with my Best Friend

Sunday we woke up early, went to Church, got coffee at Hub, breakfast at My Favorite Muffin (yes, this is the name!) and then hiked Galena Creek Trail with Abby.

Hiking Galena Creek Trail with our puppy, Abby

Abby was a huge fan of hiking, not such a fan of the camera. Ha!

Breakfast Meal Prep With Roasted Potatoes, Bacon, and Scrambled Eggs

We made breakfast each morning we were together, mostly cooked dinner at home, and drank all too much coffee. It rained, Kayla got to see fall colors, and the weather fully cooled down. Weather, success!

Visits With Best Friends Calls for Cappuccinos

Kayla snapped so many cute pics of Abby girl. She loves her auntie-K.

Fall Visit to Reno, Nevada

Monday we hiked near Hunter Creek, got coffee, explored some houses in Reno, and made dinner at home. Tuesday morning we woke up early, packed up Kayla’s things, and grabbed a burrito at Walden’s before she had to catch her flight.

Breakfast Burrito From Walden's in Reno, Nevada

Overall it was such a great trip and made me so grateful for the friendship Kayla and I share. We’ve been through thick and thin together. We met when I was 14 and have only grown closer with age.
Kayla is the friend you can cook with, laugh with, pray with, make ridiculous (and totally inappropriate, amen) jokes with, cuddle up on the couch and watch movies with, and tell anything to. My trust for this girl is unwavering.
She’s family to me. It was Abby’s first time meeting her, and it’s clear that Abby agrees she’s family too. (Abby has been checking on the bedroom door where Kayla stayed since she left.)
This friend of mine, I will forever be grateful for her. I know the next time we see each other, it will be like not even a minute went by.

Grateful for such a full, active, and outdoorsy visit!

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