My Bridal Shower in Photos!

Good morning all!

I had such a nice weekend. My Bridal Shower could not have gone better. My family put all their heart & soul into this day.

I wanted to share with you today the things I loved about it, a ton of photos, and my favorite advice that was given to me for a healthy marriage 🙂 Hope you all enjoy!

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The decorations and tables were all so beautiful! I wish this photo were more clear — do you see the hanging mason jars? Ah!


Marco’s grandmother is so talented. She made my flower arrangements! She’s doing our Wedding flowers too! How pretty!

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Baby Paige 🙂


My aunt Shelly & Haley put the flower arrangements together that hung from the tree. Agh. They’re so pretty!


This is where I opened gifts!


Favors 🙂 My cousin Haley (MOH) made chocolate chip cookies, sprinkled them with sugar, and put “love is sweet” tags on each one. So cute!


Lemon poppyseed cupcakes that Marco’s Grandma made!


My cousins & Sister-n-law (all the way to the left). These are my girls!


A whole lotta cousins!


A whole lotta aunties! And Marco’s grandma & auntie. Heck, they’re already my grandma & auntie 🙂 (top & bottom — two on the right)


My auntie Mimi & cousin Carrie. They drove from SJC. So special!


My girly friends!


Gift table! My aunt Shelly (it was all at her house) made this adorable money tree! It had bows that said “happily ever after” all over 🙂


My sister, cousin, best friend… my Maid of Honor. She is so incredibly talented and creative just like her Momma. They put this whole shower together for me with the help of my Momma, Marco’s family, and all the hands that helped on Saturday. Thank you ALL!

Oh, and about this picture…. I’m not quite sure what was going on. Too many mimosas, maybe?


We had the cutest mimosa/drink bar!


One of my favorite (most desired) parts of the shower was reading everyones advice. Instead of playing a game Haley (my MOH) passed around a basket with cards inside. Each woman took out a card and wrote their bits of advice for the shower. Some where appropriate, and some….


….I couldn’t even read out loud myself! I had to call a reader up. Of course, my cousin Megan! Ha! She is also in my Wedding 🙂

Some of my favorite pieces of advice were these:

  1. never go to bed angry
  2. never get bitter, ever
  3. remember that nothing is ever 100% 50/50 (so basically… just let it go)
  4. if there is a problem sit the problem on the coffee table and sit down on the couch together to talk. This way, you’re both on the “same side of the problem” & are able to calmly solve it together
  5. remember that men like to feel masculine, needed & respected — be the initiator
  6. make an effort to talk through those hard conversations, resist the urge to withdrawal, and always keep your fun & spontaneous side
  7. and of course, there are a million appropriate for marriage but inappropriate for the blog things I could share. Just take your guess


I got the prettiest lingerie. This one was so pretty. Thank you Kaycee loo! I also got awesome kitchen things, a BBQ, and a whole lotta generous cards. This was the most special day for me. When the day was all over I came home to Marco, we read all of our cards together, and went through every single bit of advice. This was so special for us.

We’re now 8 weeks out!

8-1-14. You’re almost here!

This week for the Wedding:

  1. meeting with our Officiant
  2. having our last Pre-Marital Counseling Session
  3. having my dress fitting

Also, we are getting so excited for our apartment! It’s officially EMPTY. The other family has moved out, and the month of June is going to be fix-her-up month for the landlord. Today we are driving over to see her all emptied, and to kindly request new carpet. It’s over 5 years old, so that’s reasonable, right?

I hope you all enjoy your day! I’ll be back tomorrow with DAILY EATS 🙂

LOVE, Paige

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