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Good morning girls!

I’m here to share yesterday with you, and to meet my personal goal from yesterday’s post I tried to take more photos 🙂

Oh, and I’m jumping on the She Reads Truth Hosea Bible Study. Thank you ladies for sharing your recommendations with me!


Two eggs and toast

Two eggs & sourdough toast

I always knew it was you

Look at the sweet sign we got from Marco’s Grandma’s friend Candy. She painted this for us as a Wedding Gift! Going above our bed 🙂

Patagonia Shirt


After breakfast I ran errands. First stop, Patagonia! I got a new, super adorable flannel. Can’t wait to wear it!

TJ's grocery shopping

Next stop, Trader Joe’s! Notice the little Basil jar in the bottom left-hand corner?

TJ's Basil

Okay, really quick, I’m not posting this to toot my own horn, but to hopefully inspire someone to make an honest choice today.

I walked out of the grocery store, put my groceries away, and headed to put the cart back. I noticed the Basil tucked in the corner as I was putting it away.

Checked my receipt, no Basil. So, I walked back in and told the guy he forgot to charge me for the $1.99 Basil.

He was so surprised that I had walked back in. He said “not enough people do this now days.” That’s sadly true 🙁

Today, when we’re faced with more choices, let’s pick the one that is honest and right. We can each make an impact.


A tortilla with corn, beans, turkey, and avocado inside. Plus, a side of refried beans.

A tortilla with corn, beans, turkey, and avocado inside. Plus, a side of refried beans. This was a leftover from the weekend 🙂 Eaten outside, enjoying the weather.


coffee and chocolate

Hehe…Just kidding…this is really not pre-workout food, I just had it right before the Gym while cuddling with Marco on the couch.


We got notice that a new season of Parenthood is out on Netflix! Thank you Lord! I’ve so been missing this for the last 10 months of my life since we finished the last ones. We snuck in one Episode in the middle of the day, and then hit the Gym where we did weights together 🙂

Hangry Snack

yogurt/GF granola

By the time we were done working out I could hardly think – I was so hungry! I sat down for a small bowl of yogurt/GF granola to coat my stomach and be able to decide what was for dinner.

walking downtown

The Husband really wanted the Habit, and I thought going for a walk and going out sounded really fun. So, we veered from the Meal Plan, took the fun route, and walked to dinner.


the habit "Charburger" with no bun/cheese (remember, I had taken the edge off my hunger so I wasn't feeling ravenous) plus a side of fries and water

I got a “Charburger” with no bun/cheese (remember, I had taken the edge off my hunger so I wasn’t feeling ravenous) plus a side of fries and water. By the way, I really love lettuce wrapped burgers. There are many times I prefer them because of the yummy refreshing crunch. Anyone with me?

It was so nice to walk downtown with Marco. We walked around a bit more before we walked home. And then, we watched another Parenthood 🙂

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Enjoy your day!

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