My Green Smoothie Recipe – FREE Here!

Do you girls want something special?

Good! Because I want to give it to you!

Paige's Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe | Healthy Hits the Spot

This Friday, I’m sending my ENTIRE VIP list “Paige’s Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe”!!!

YES, the one that’s been a secret for so long.

The one I’ve posted a million photos of on this blog 🙂

Click here to get it!

Paige's Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe | Healthy Hits the Spot

Also… I just have to say, I can’t believe it’s FEB! That means we’re just over a month away before FINALLY FREE launches! EEEEEK 🙂 Girls. Are you excited?! Your OWN virtual Health Coaching Program! Heck, I’m going to go through it with you! 😉

From my first post announcing FINALLY FREE:

I’m going to Ohio this week to meet with Simi to film for FINALLY FREE!


SecretIEProjectReveal = Secret Intuitive Eating Project that is no longer a secret!

Simi and I have been working for MONTHS to create FINALLY FREE, an entirely virtual, membership based intuitive eating health coaching program! Make sure you’re on my list to get updates on Finally Free. Of course, I’ll be sharing updates on the blog as it gets closer, but the majority of updates will happen in email. Sign-up!

I am SO EXCITED about this program. We’ve poured our hearts & minds into it with you girls as our number one priority. This program (which I’ll continue to share more and more details about) is going to be life changing for so many women. It’s going to help you completely let go of dieting, fall in love with delicious, feel good food, and respect your body now. Get ready to be FINALLY FREE & truly make 2015 your best year yet. Coming this MARCH!

Who is excited with me!?

Stay tuned, we’ll be offering “Girl Talk” where you’ll get all of your questions answered!

See this post with photos of the actual filming!

Ah, it felt so good to be able to chat about our baby again. Just wait girls… She’s going to come FAST! Get ready for her!! 🙂

Questions about FINALLY FREE? Feel FREE 😉 to ask in the comments below!  Also, stay tuned as we WILL be offering a FREE ‘Girl Talk’ call SOON!

Skype Type Session

Curious to  know if Health Coaching is right for you? Jump on Skype this Sunday & let’s type it out. Tell me your concerns, challenges, and I’ll let you know if I can help. Email me to RSVP ‘YES.’

Also, don’t leave without signing up for your free Green Smoothie! Click here to get it!

xo, your coach


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