My Go-To Essentials for a Girls’ Weekend

Read about Paige Schmidt's ideal girls' weekend - full of coffee, cozy chats around the table, and cooking at home.

This weekend my friend Jen Luce came to visit. We had such a great time. Such a good time, that I’m sharing what we did in hopes that 1) you will be able to relate and 2) that it’ll inspire you to spend time with your best GF’s.

Jen arrived on Saturday, when I picked her up from the airport and took her to Hub Coffee Roasters (my favorite coffee shop in Reno!). The coffee shop is right on the river and we sat near giant windows overlooking the view.

I had a cappuccino, Jen had a latte, and we both SAVORED a quiche from Rabbit Hole bakery (heavenly!). We talked, caught up, and when we were all done with our coffee we walked over to the river to admire it and take a few photos.

On our way home I drove her through some of my favorite areas/neighborhoods in Reno. I love showing my friends this new city we live in! I took Jen, specifically, through a beautiful neighborhood full of little brick houses that I knew she’d love.

When we got home we made another cup of coffee, sat around the table and talked for hours (Jen and I can do that!). When it got closer to dinner we pulled out a piece of paper, made a grocery list and headed to the store. Jen and I had planned weeks ago to make ramen when she came to town.

We jumped in the car and headed to Whole Foods, both agreeing that going to WF was a favorite thing to do. To walk around, explore, and take our time. Side note: when I’m shopping solo, I’m in and out. When I’m with friends, I love to browse!

Most of what we needed was at Whole Foods, but because of the storm that hit over the weekend, the grocery stores looked like the world was ending. So many empty shelves! That was a new experience for me being from California. The big-rigs couldn’t get over I-80 (the interstate that goes through Tahoe) so there had been no restocking for two days! Wild.

Even so, we got everything we needed. No one panic, ramen was made (and so enjoyed!). We made it as soon as we got home, ate with Marco, and cozied up afterward and had tea while we talked, in PJ’s, with blankets, before bed. I love cooking with friends, especially when I get to learn something new, or teach someone something new. This weekend was FULL of Jen teaching me new recipes. Wahoo!

On Sunday, we woke up and stayed cozy in PJ’s with coffee while we caught up, talked about life, and sat on our massive couch next to the fire while it snowed outside. SO happy that it snowed for Jen while she was here. It snowed more on Sunday than it has since I moved here.

If YOU were to come over and hangout with me, this is exactly what I’d want to do. Sit on the couches with blankets, massive cups of coffee, and I’d want to know everything about your life and what you’re going through, right now.

After cozy coffee we got ready and went to… you guessed it! A coffee shop and got cappuccinos. We talked more (I told you, Jen and I could talk forever) and then drove to HomeGoods where Jen helped me to pick out new pots and pans. She’s like… a real chef (ha!) and I so valued her help. I LOVE the pots and pans we picked out. You will see them soon in photos, I’m sure. 🙂

We dropped by the grocery store on the way home to get stuff to make curry for dinner (we had planned to go out, but decided that cooking at home while it was snowing sounded better).

When we got home, we made hot lemon water, sat at the dining room table, and snacked on cheese (such good cheese!) and stuffed olives (one stuffed with garlic and the other stuffed with bell pepper – yum!).

We talked about relationships, life, family, work, spirituality, growing up, recipes, food (who else loves a friend that can talk about food, in a positive way, with you?!)… everything under the sun.

Marco got home a bit later, Jen taught me to make curry, and we all ate dinner together. Jen laughed at Marco and his humor (side note: it’s my favorite thing, to see my husband interacting with my friends) and we all talked.

I made us each a drink (vodka and pure grapefruit juice), cleaned up, and we watched Dating Around on Netflix. We climbed into bed early and woke up to have coffee before Jen left on Monday.

I dropped her at the airport and thought about how lucky I feel to have friends who are down to be cozy, to cook, talk, drink coffee, and spend a weekend together catching up.

Had Jen come during the summer, more Tahoe, hiking and water would have been involved, but for the winter, this was the perfect visit with an incredible friend who’s friendship I will value forever.

Here’s to friendship! What’s your ideal weekend with a girlfriend? Are you a cooking, coffee, and cozy girl too?

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