My Intuitive Eating Day

Good morning everyone!

So, yesterday I posted that… yesterday…. Sunday…. was Intuitive Eating Day for my Healthy Hits Coaching Facebook Group. Yep! It was, and it was great! I can’t believe how much these girls support each other. It blows my mind whenever I jump on the group and take a peak at what everyone is talking about.

Well, here is how I listened to my body yesterday.


I woke up at 7:30a to have some time to myself before I got ready for Church. I wasn’t hungry when I woke up, or when we left (I think because of the salty chips the previous night had me feelin’ full). So, I packed this Larabar with me to eat as soon as I got hungry, and went on my way with my coffee with almond milk & agave.

After Church, Marco and I went to Trader Joe’s, and then to peak in at the Venue we’d like to get married in during a Ceremony. I’m excited!

At about 10:30 I had my LARABAR. Yep, that was a late breakfast for me, but I really made an effort to just listen.


After Grocery shopping and Venue peakin’ we went to my parents house to do some laundry and eat lunch. My Dad had made my favorite meal, Chicken Adobo. I planned to go to their house at lunch, just because I knew this was there!

  • Brown Rice
  • Chicken Adobo
  • Tomato slices
  • Avocado slices


While we were there we also washed my car inside and out, did our laundry, and watched a Parenthood while we were waiting for everything to finish. I cozied up with Marco and a cup of Coffee (good Primary Food here HHC girls!)

Afterwards, when we were all day, I was trying to make an intuitive decision about how I wanted to move around for the day. Heck, I had already done laundry, washed my car inside and out, and I was really in a cleaning mood. So, I told Marco “you go ahead and go to the Gym, I’m going to stay home and clean the house really good.” He told me that if that’s not what I wanted to do, he’d rather me go to the Gym with him and he could help me in the evening, but nope. That really was what I wanted to do! The thought of a clean clean house and clean clean clothes and a clean clean car…. ah! Yes! I’m a bit of a clean freak… but it’s good! I always enjoy the space that I am in!

BY THE WAY. Our Loveseat should be coming today, so hopefully I’ll have a picture for you guys in the next couple of days!

photo 1

For dinner, we had plans to go to a pizza place in upper Ojai with Marco’s family

To start, I ordered a side salad with bleu cheese

photo 2

With dinner I had some red wine

photo 3

Here’s me and my love! We were under a red umbrella, so this is really tinted.

photo 4

And for dinner, I had two slices of Veggie Pizza. I ate them both really slowly with a knife and fork (that helped me appreciate them). I gave Marco the crust of one slice, because I wanted to taste the chicken pesto pizza.

I was full, so I only had one bite of the pesto pizza, and then gave the rest to Marco. This is was perfect!

photo 5

When the dessert came around, I had two small bites and passed it on. This was great too, because Boccali’s is known for their Strawberry Shortcake. I was glad I could taste it.

After dinner Marco and I went home feeling happy and satisfied! Walked into our sparkly clean house, watched a Parenthood, and went to bed. It was a great day. And very Intuitive I might add!

Oh, one more thing, as we were driving home, Marco got off at a random exit and said “I feel like driving a different way tonight.” My response was “how very intuitive of you.” Haha! He laughed 🙂

I’m going to end this quote with a quote from Church that I thought was so funny!

“A Krispy Creme in company is better than a salad alone.”

This is such a Primary Food quote! They were showing statistics that no matter how healthy one is, the most important thing is to feel, and be included in a group of people. It’s so important for us to give, be, and feel loved. Unconditional love.

Have a wonderful day!

Love, Paige

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