My Mom is the best :)

My sweeeeet Mama made me gluten free cookies while I was babysitting!

She sent me this text, and I wanted to cry- what a cheeseball, right?! But it was so sweet!

I had her cookie 3 cookies with a nice warm cup of hot cocoa 🙂 PS, I had the three cookies over a period of a few hours while studying. Not too bad- by the end of the day everything still balances out for me because I make good choices later 🙂

And here was my good choice later. A very lite dinner. Salad and soup!

As my last snack of the day, I had a little bowl of popcorn!

This popcorn has nothin’ but a TINY bit of salt. My Mom added more after I took some because I cannot stand too much salt on anything. My Mom popped this in the pressure cooker- so much better than bagged popcorn!

Now, I am drinking some warm water with lemon to sooth my cold, and then I’m off to bed. I’m waking up at 4 am to study tomorrow. Got to make the best out of this last week at school. I need those A’s, and I REALLY hope I did good enough in the classes to not take our finals. I sure feel like I did! Fingers crossed!

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