My Name Called On The Gym Loud Speaker

Good morning ladies!

I’m so glad to see that you all liked yesterday’s post so much! If you missed it, read it first:

How I Eat Healthy & Organic on a Budget

I had mentioned to you that the plan was:

  • Monday: I’ll share my meal picks for the week + my grocery list with costs included.
  • Through the week: I’ll share my daily eats.
  • Friday: I’ll do a round-up post of everything combined + send out a post through e-mail on “Living A Fulfilling Life” (sign-up for that here).

So, today I’m going to share my daily eats from Monday (yesterday).

My day started with the Gym right off the bat. I’ve gotten back into it after an almost two week break to rest my knees. Right now, I’m exercising to strengthen my knees. I did the elliptical for 20 minutes and then weights, abs, and stretching.

Sunday I did legs: backward lunges (carefully), standing calf raises, and straight leg deadliest

Monday I did shoulders, triceps, and biceps: shoulder press, shoulder shrugs, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, tricep pull downs

You know what else happened Monday at the Gym? I got on the elliptical and a minute later over the loudspeaker they called:

“Paige Burton, would Paige Burton please come to the front desk!”

First thought… Oh God… this is embarrassing

Second thought… this is definitely another thing to do with my name change

I went up to the desk and they wanted to let me know that my membership had expired. I reminded them that it had not expired, but that they had told me to cancel it so that I could re-sign under Marcos account as a Schmidt.

They let me finish my workout and said they’d call me later to re-sign. HERE’S the thing. I’m not sure I’m going to sign-up again right now. I might try working out outside for a bit even though I really do love the Gym. Any of you just workout outside? What do you think? <– I’ll give it a couple days and see if I miss the Gym 😉

breakfast gluten free eggs and brown rice bread

8:30 I came home for breakfast. Two eggs (that I cooked too quickly) and two pieces of brown rice toast with earth balance.

After breakfast I had coffee with my Mom and GrandMom-n-law. We shared Wedding pictures and reminisced over Aug. 1 🙂

leftovers dinner chicken villa

11:45 at this time I had come back home to have some lunch with Marco before getting my hair toned. Did you see my hair on Insta? We had leftover chicken villa which I had made Sunday (you’ll see it in Friday’s round-up post).

working from home healthy hits the spot

After lunch I had re-toned my hair (just to add more warmth) and then worked from my living room. Change of scenery 🙂

send fall leave in the mail

Look what came in the mail! A Fall leaf from a Client! SO sweet! 

beth moore bible study

At 3:00 Marco and I laid down on the floor in our living room and finished my last day of bible study before I went to meet with my Group. It was fun getting to read out loud what I’m learning and share it with him.

kiwi for a snack

3:45 I had two kiwi’s before I left for group since I knew we’d had an early lunch and dinner wouldn’t be until 7:30

beth moore bible study

I got to group at 4:30 and we talked for 1 hour and then watched this weeks video for 1 hour. Snacks were grapes, trail mix, and potato chips. I had a couple chips and a little bit of trail mix. Oh, and we had yummy iced lime water.

split pea soup and tuna

7:30 after study I came home and made dinner which was super, super simple. I heated up two cans of Organic Split Pea Soup from Trader Joe’s with two cans of tuna (drained water). Then, I toasted two pieces of sourdough for Marco (I usually do this too but wasn’t feelin’ the bread last night) to lay down in the bowl (with butter) before pouring soup on top.

I made a good sized salad on the side with romaine, spring mix, green onions, tomato, and Dad’s bleu cheese <– worlds best dressing. Marco enjoyed toast, soup, and a mini salad and I enjoyed a bigger salad and smaller soup. This was perfect.

We relaxed until bed-time after this and I read my Soul Keeping book. I’m finished with the chapters we are to read for book group this Saturday, so I’m thinking about revisiting a book I really loved when I first started my IE journey which is called “Wanting To Be Her: Body Image Secrets Victoria Won’t Tell You” for my nighttime reading this week. I think I’ll pull that out today 🙂

Questions for you today:

Do any of you workout outside instead of the Gym? What do you think?

Do you have a favorite Body Image/Eating Book to share?


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Love, Paige

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