My New Place

My new place! I love it so much. It’s sooo cozy and so quiet.


My first meal in the studio was lentils, brushcetta, and goat cheese on top of little slices of fresh baguette. So good! Marco and I sampled this at Trader Joe’s and I had to try it at home. Deeeelish. I already love lentils and bruschetta 🙂

The lentils are right next to all of the pre-packaged veggies, like the carrots. They’re already cooked and you can eat them cold. The bruschetta and cheese are close to each other near all the dairy. Bruschetta is near the hummus.


My little fruit plate 🙂 Apples are in the fridge, and blueberries are in the freezer!




Bedroom 😉


Office space


And my cozy little living room. Right now I don’t have wireless internet, so I keep my computer plugged in next to the couch. That’s where I sat to do my health coaching yesterday.

Speaking of health coaching, if you’re interested in having a health coach feel free to email me at (updated 8/27/17).


I also made a little snack of apples and sunflower butter yesterday. Sooo good!

I know it can be hard to think of easy ideas when you live on your own, so I’m going to be posting lots of quick and easy things to make because that’s just how I eat 😉 I don’t even own a microwave now! It’s a good thing… but one thought… how am I going to re-heat my coffee?


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