My New Years Intentions

If you all remember, in 2013 I ditched my old “New Years Resolutions” and started making “New Years Intentions.” I’ve loved this three years in a row, so I’m at it again.

Read Paige Schmidt's New Year Intentions and be Inspired to Set Your Own

New Years Intentions, in my definition, are all about more of this and less of that. No rules. Just intentions based on how you *want to* feel.

This year, my intentions are a little more specific. I’m in a place where I have so much of what I want: a solid marriage with Marco, a job that I’ve worked hard for and am passionate about, a home that I love, friends I adore, and a routine that I’m quite comfortable in.

This years intentions are all about fine tuning these things that I love so much in both my personal life and business and working to excel in each area. As I reflect on the last 5 years, I’m incredibly grateful for how my life has unfolded.

My intentions for 2016:

Let LOVE drive me.

Continually release “norms” and trust my gut.

Design a work schedule that allows me to be my best self.

Push past comfort zones and therefore continue to grow in huge ways.

Elevate my blog & position in the coaching community.

Reach more women with Finally Free.

Set goals in my business that STRECH me.

I have separate more specific goals in my business (financial goals, client goals, outreach goals, etc.) that I set for the purpose of stretching me and pushing me past my comfort zones. I don’t necessarily meet each business goal that I set.

Sometimes I exceed them, and sometimes I come in short. To me, being successful with goals means that I’ve allowed them to stretch me more than I would’ve stretched myself.

What are your New Years Intentions? I’d love to hear one that is super important to you!

Love, Paige

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