My Puppy Does Yoga with Me

Good morning readers! Thanks for stopping by today!


Yesterday morning started off with a Larabar at 8:00. After my LB, I went for my morning run.

photo 1

When I got home from my run, this little guy joined me on my yoga mat. How cute is he? He’s downward doggin’ it.

photo 2

After my run, I showered and got ready for the day.


Around 10:30, I made myself a super savory breakfast. A pressed egg sandwich with avo, onion, mozzarella, tomato, on sourdough.


Around 2:30 I got a super intense craving for something sweet, so I sat down and enjoyed the rest of my petite treat.

Moments later, mother natured reminded me why I got such a strong sweet craving. Isn’t it great being a woman?


Right after my ice cream I had a small serving of trail mix. I wanted something crunchy.


Around 5:30 while I was cooking dinner I got out a little bowl for chips. So helpful to put them in a bowl. I didn’t finish these.


Dinner was homemade spaghetti & meat sauce with fresh garlic bread. I made this. It was heavenly. Exactly what I was craving.

photo 3

Later in the evening at Small Group Marco and I shared a taste of our leaders angel food cake with nutella, strawberries, and whipped cream. So yummy 🙂

Alrighty y’all. There will be a newsletter tomorrow, but there won’t be a video inside. I’ll be in Santa Monica for the first half of the day visiting a Client. Enjoy your whole weekend! And still pop into the newsletter where I’ll leave you with a couple of inspirational quotes, a featured testimonial, and some news about an IIN discount this weekend. I’ll even include a link to all of my past videos.

Last but not least — Coaching spots are fillin’ up. I’ve gotten news of current Clients renewing their Programs, and have had people scheduling Consults left and right. Therefore, June is almost full  and May is already entirely full). To request a spot please do so here. If you reach out and I’m all filled up I’ll put you first on my waiting list.

Enjoy your Thursday, and I will see you here at the blog in the morning.

Love, Paige.

Love, Paige

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