My Special Day! (part 1)

Good evening everyone! I hope you have all had such a great day, and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get online! I’ve been busy from the moment I woke up- but today has been so wonderful! It’s just one of those really happy/thankful days 🙂

This morning I woke up, showered, and had to run out the door to drop off Megan’s (the lady I nanny for) iPhone to her work because she forgot it at home (OOPS!). I had to hurry because directly after that I was watching Chloe. I snagged this bar before I left!


These are so good! Especially with your coffee in the morning! They’re an excellent low cal treat and perfect for on-the-go!

Here is me with my sweet Chloepie! We stopped by Marco’s work on our way to my house because he LOVES her! She always says “Buh-Bye MuhMahco!” when we leave. It’s probably the cutest thing ever! 🙂

When we got to my house, I made breakfast! It was delicious, quick, and totally satisfying!

2/3 piece of Lavash Bread from TJ’s, 2 eggs, a handful of spinach, and a very little sprinkling of cheese! Super simple! Just butter your pan, cook the eggs, throw in the spinach so it will soften, sprinkle some cheese, and put it in your warmed, Whole Wheat Lavash bread! Roll it up and enjoy!

Oh, but NEVER forget your Pepper Plant. At least, I never will! 😉

Haha! Look at my cutie pie! This is the Chloe Smile. She’s almost as cheesy as ME!

Love her with my whole heart. Everything in life seems to be OKAY when this one is around. She brings me crazy joy 🙂

Here she is snacking on her fruit snacks!

And here’s Noah… is it just me, or is he starting to look like an old man? No, boo! Don’t grow old!

This would be Chloe trying to get Noah to eat his food. She thought if she showed him, maybe he’d understand what we were saying… haha, too cute!

This is our second snack

We sat on the porch and split this Nature Valled Oats ‘N Honey bar… pretty yummy!

We had so much fun the rest of the day. My mom tagged along with us and we went shopping and my Mom surprised me with a little $10 giftcard to Starbucks! It was SO sweet of her, and made me soo happy! Thank you, Mom! 🙂

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