My vision for December… 2021

My Vision For December 2021

I’m claiming December as my month. Maybe you can too? I’m claiming December as a month of rest, connection, and joy. Why would I claim it as anything else?

December is a month where I don’t take any new clients (I’m booking now for January 2021 – you can book a Discovery Session here if you want to work together in the new year). I simply work with the clients who are already in coaching or in The Growth Vault with me. It’s a time of less new and great gratitude for what I already have.

As far as my heart and mind know, December is the first month of 2021 (that’s what it feels like over here).

As you may know, I love future self visualization and feel that it helps so much to ask yourself who you want to be… and to get into the feeling and experience of her so you can start stepping into her.

I did a visualization night with friends back in July – July 2, 2020 to be exact – and I visualized myself a year from now with a little girl, I had short blonde hair, and I was walking a trail called the Bob Jones trail in Avila Beach. If you follow me on Instagram (@paigeschmidt) you know that just last night I posted in my stories that my BOB stroller arrived at the house (I am thrilled – I have wanted this stroller since I babysat exclusively from 18-21!). Selah girl is in my belly, and I got my hair cut/dyed yesterday – short and blonde. That is wild to think about! I sent a text to my friends who I did the visualization with back in July and said “visualization dreams coming true!”

This morning I did a visualization exercise to get a glimpse of ‘Paige in December 2021’ and I want to share it with you.

I’m writing this as a journal entry in the present tense, even though it’s about the future. Because this makes everything feel nearer, more real, and more possible.

Afterward, I’m going to challenge you to visit the YOU of December 1st 2021 🙂

December 1st, 2021

It’s 6:15 am this Wednesday morning, I just poured my coffee (it’s piping hot – what a dream!) and am sitting down for a few minutes to journal while the house is still asleep. It’s chilly and dark outside. I’ve loved these quiet and dark mornings ever since I was a little girl.

It’s been three months since we moved into our new house. I love how quiet it is here. I am grateful to feel so settled on the central coast, and grateful we rented for a year before we bought so we could decide exactly where we wanted to live. 

Having our daughter Selah has brought more joy to my life than I can put into words. I was so ready to become a mom. I was just looking at photos of my sweet mama before and after she had Terry Jr [my older brother]. When she became a mother, she matured in a way that was sooo full of love. She really was the most beautiful, radiant human being ever. So sure of herself and who she was. I feel that way about me now. That I have become the fullness of myself so far. 

I am feeling more empowered than I’ve ever felt, because I’m doing “less, but better”. I feel aligned with what’s important to me and I’m prioritizing only the most important things. I’m proud of myself for still taking care of me (even with the shift of caring for our sweet girl). 

Today is a workday for me. Marco, Selah and I will have breakfast together (eggs and toast is still our favorite), I’ll turn on worship music so that I feel calm as I start the day, and then I’ll head to the office to meet with clients for a few hours while Selah and Marco go to Mike and Corrine’s to see Selah’s BFF.

Coaching is still so incredibly rewarding for me; something that takes me sort of… out of this world. Whatever is going on, I am able to pause in my mind and fully dive into conversations with my clients. It’s an energizer for me. It’s empowering, enlightening, and fulfilling. 

I am truly so grateful for all that we have: how at peace and at home I feel in my body. I feel that I’m taking good care of her – my body – by moving around with Selah, taking walks, resting, having fun, and feeding my body according to when I’m hungry and what sounds good. It looks different than it did before – but again, it’s better.

I am so grateful for our new “less, but better.” 

This is the beautiful reality that I see and want to create for myself next year.

Now – over to you 🙂 

What does life look like for the ‘you of December 2021’?

Just imagine:

You are feeling ALL of the freedom and ease and calmness you’ve been striving for this year (and probably for many years). Any anxiety you might be feeling now is gone.

Try to picture a specific scene. Who are you with? What can you see, hear, smell and taste? How do you feel in your body and emotionally? (Picture the expression on your face). What’s the plan for that day? 

Here’s one thing I already know about the ‘YOU of 2021’ that you’re visualizing:

She’s happy. And she’s the best version of YOU that already lies within.

Right now, if you’re like I used to be, you might be striving for happiness and validation in the things you feel like you can control. Like eating ‘healthy’ food, losing 10 pounds, and getting the ‘perfect’ body. Or going for a run and not allowing yourself to walk once (because that would be a ‘bad’ run). Or crossing off all 20 things on your to-do list. Or landing that dream job. Or finding the ‘perfect’ partner and buying that dream home. 

All of these things give you tangible results when you ‘follow the rules’; they might ‘confirm’ to you that you’re ‘doing a good job’.

But the thing is, I’m betting that the ‘you of 2021’ isn’t truly happy just because you achieved those things.

‘YOU of 2021’ is happy because:

  • You’re fully present as a partner/mother/daughter/sister/friend, calmly saying ‘yes’ to things that bring you joy. Your loved ones are commenting on how wonderful it is to see that glow of confidence in you.
  • You’re no longer chasing that ‘perfect body’ and sabotaging yourself (e.g. bingeing on all the “bad” foods) when things get too hard. You know that self-love and self-worth come from recognizing: “I am perfectly imperfect”.
  • In fact, there no longer are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods for you. Just food! And you’re actually enjoying and savoring the great-tasting meals you’re preparing.
  • You trust your own opinion, intuition and personal values more than other people’s. You’re no longer comparing yourself to what people are doing or saying on Instagram, blogs or podcasts. You’re doing what feels good for YOU.
  • You’re investing in self-care and personal growth and you truly feel like you’re ‘authentically you’ – and proud of yourself for everything you accomplish each day.

Now, it is totally okay to want to change things in your life that you’re not happy with – to eat and live more healthily, to get on a budget, to start organizing your time better etc.

BUT – you HAVE to do this from a place of self-LOVE and joy and abundance, and wanting the best for yourself. Not from a place of self-loathing, fear and scarcity; of constantly striving to prove to yourself that you are worthy and that you’re succeeding 100% at life.

I know from experience that shifting your mindset and habits to start loving yourself unconditionally takes time.

If you’d like some support next year into stepping into this version of yourself: the you that is empowered, who trusts herself and her choices, who trusts her body and is so relaxed when it comes to food. Who takes care of herself and makes it a priority (because she loves to feel good). The you who is able to show up as the calm, positive version of herself with her family. The you who isn’t concerned with getting all of this perfectly right – but rather, it’s because she has grace for herself that she feels so good. She’s grateful, daily. If you want to step into her, and you’d the support and accountability of someone who wholeheartedly believes you can be her, schedule a Discovery Call with me for January 2021. I’d love to help you discover your 2021 vision, and then create her.


For the journaling exercise, if you don’t like writing you could get out your art supplies and paint a picture; or create a vision board on Pinterest. Whatever helps you paint that picture of the happy and empowered YOU that you are in 2021.


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing daily eats and days in the life, as I set out to enjoy December, walk through each day with a grateful heart, and encompass feeling relaxed, connected (with God, myself, those closest to me), and calm.

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