My Word for 2017: RICH

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Happy 2017 ladies. Ah, we’re so ready for it, aren’t we?! What are you excited for this year? I want to know… Share with me!

Last year I started off the year with a post on my word for the year, which was LOVE (read that post here). It was a great word. I didn’t think of it ALL the time (or, maybe I did subconsciously), but when I did it always brought me back to where I needed to be: in alignment with my value of loving myself & others.

For 2017, the word I’m choosing to focus on is RICH. 

I think it’s so fun to look up definitions of the words I choose for the year – are you the same? The definition I love for the word RICH is: plentiful; abundant.

Synonyms are: plentiful, abundant, copious, ample, profuse, lavish, liberal, generous, bountiful.

I love ALL of these words so much…

I want to be GENEROUS with my life and my story. I want to live a bountiful life. I want to have AMPLE amounts of satisfaction in life (honestly, I feel thankful that I already do). I want life to feel plentiful. I love how the Bible talks about our cups overflowing – that’s how I feel with God.

When I dove deeper into this word I came up with more of my own words and how I want to feel (thanks to Danielle LaPorte who really cracked open my eyes to see how I wanted to FEEL in the new year)…

  • Expressed
  • Alive
  • Fully-myself
  • Fulfilled
  • Amazing
  • Satisfied
  • Enriched
  • Invested

I continued to dive deeper… What do I want out of all of these things?

I want to embrace myself – who I am (like my vision board says: who I was before the world told me who I “should” be). I want to live in the self-worth I know I already hold: fully loved, fully accepted – this goes for YOU too. I want to embrace myself and those around me. Embrace their quirks, their best parts, and even the parts of others that are a little harder to love (I’d want someone to do the same for me). You too?

As I continued to reflect, I grabbed a blank piece of paper and wrote down the word “RICH” in big letters right at the top/middle of the page. Underneath, I wrote the definition that resonates most with me: plentiful; abundant. From there, I wrote down “high-value, quality.”

From there, I drew arrows from each word.

Under high-value:

  • I am of high value
  • My community (YOU) is of high value
  • I want to deliver high value content, programs, and coaching

Under quality: 

  • Less is more in most cases
  • Quality > quantity
  • I want nice things & experiences
  • I want to spend QUALITY time with the people I love

The coolest part? I already feel I’m living out all of these… It’s just that now I’m aware of it all more than ever and want to express it even BIGGER.

For work, I’ll focus on HIGH value, rich content.

For the people in my life I’ll focus on quality time, undistracted. I’ll focus on giving my attention where it matters most. RICH time with others.

This word – RICH – excites me… When it first came to mind, if I’m being honest, I kind of avoided it. Rich? What does that even mean? Don’t write that down, Paige.

Little did I know, if I did write it down and allow myself to explore, so much would come from it!

So, I’m embracing my word for the year: RICH.

I’m looking forward to: coming even more alive to myself, embracing my story & who I am, fully. When I see other people who have come alive to themselves, I feel inspired.

My best friends know that I cry at almost every concert when the main act comes on. Why? Not because the song is emotional, but because it makes me SO happy to see someone who had a dream and went for it, even while knowing that other people had already “done it.”

Chris Young for example… He could’ve easily said “there are already too many country singers out there. That’ll never happen for me.” But he didn’t… he went for it, and people ended up loving him and show up all around the world to support him (a person just like you & me!). I love this…

Which is why staying aligned with my core value of being AUTHENTICALLY MYSELF is so important. Staying in my own lane. Not comparing myself to others. I encourage my clients to do the same. Stay in YOUR own lane. Create a life that YOU want. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing – you do you!

I’d love to hear what your words for 2017 are… Share them in the comments below! Tell me about them! 

Along with reflecting on my word for the year and how I want to feel, I thought about somethings that I’m looking forward to in my personal life & in business… And I want to share some of those things with you!

I’m excited for:


  • Finishing out the winter snowboarding in Shaver, Mammoth, &/or Tahoe
  • Spending quality time with my sweet Dot-Dot in Ventura
  • Traveling to Catalina over the summer and Colorado in the Fall (a two-week trip!)
  • Enjoying our Four Wheel Camper
  • Creating new friendships and, mostly, deepening the ones I already have
  • Getting to meet my dear friend (and biz partner in Finally Free) Simi’s baby boy Alyosha
  • Taking great care of myself and expressing myself fully through the choices I make, the things I choose to do, and the way I live


  • Running Finally Free “cohort-style” meaning, we’re all going through it together 2-3 times this year!
  • Keeping the 28-Day Pleasure Plan open. all. year. long.
  • Running Authentically You 4 more times in 2017 (we’re about to open for the 3rd time!)
  • Hosting Self-Love Summer for the THIRD year in a row with my friend Abby!
  • Taking on only 12 one on one clients per “semester” this year & giving each one my full love & attention
  • Hosting in-person workshops with my biz besties
  • Being involved in friends online courses by guest teaching
  • Creating content to support YOU in BEING yourself, transforming your mindset around your body & food, and helping you to let go of rules/”should’s” all around (with food & in life)
  • Taking a million more photos with Miss Asia Croson (our photoshoots excite me!)
  • To have new team members for HHS and FF – I brought on an assistant in 2016 and FF is bringing on a new Instagram manager!

I want to hear from you! Tell me some of the things that you reflected on and want in 2017. Where would you like this blog to support you? Where are you wanting to improve in your life? I want to write about it for you. Let me know in the comments.

Oh, and…

Totally in line with the topic of this post, Authentically You – my online course that helps you to ditch rules/”should’s”, not just with dieting, but as a way of life (read: come alive to YOURSELF) – opens in a few weeks for the third time! Put your name on the waitlist to join the next class here. (It’s going to be awesome!)

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