Natural Weight vs. Ideal Weight. Who Wins?

natural weight vs ideal weight

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Today’s topic is a biggie for so many of us. If you want some wisdom on loving your body more, read on.

Natural Weight vs Ideal Weight

With intuitive eating (truly listening to your body, and learning to do it well) I believe that your body will find it’s natural, most comfortable, effortless weight.

Are our natural weights the same as our ideal weights? No… Probably not to be honest. My original “ideal weight” was about 15 lbs less than my natural, current weight. But hey, good news! Turns out, I’m happier at my natural weight, healthier, and way more FREE. I don’t have to force my body to be a certain size anymore! I don’t catch every cold that passes my way, my periods are regular, and I am present (not distracted by food-anxieties) in my relationships.

I get to love on my body! I get to wake up and appreciate it for how it works and what it can do (our heart beats 100,000 times per day all on their own!!).

I want to share something with you from a book I’m re-reading called “Wanting To Be Her: Body Image Secrets Victoria Won’t Tell You.”

“It may be that you simply don’t have the body type to be a successful javelin thrower-and you never will. That’s all there is to it. But our society says, “Don’t limit yourself! If you want to be a javelin thrower, simply work harder at it, take more javelin-throwing seminars, write goals for yourself, say daily affirmations, and before long, you’ll be throwing your way to an Olympic gold metal.”

Side note… I love how they used the example “javelin-thrower” rather than “model.” 🙂 Don’t you?!

The author is giving us an example of how we try to force our bodies to be other-than how they were designed.

How true is this?! How often do we try and force our bodies to be something that they were never meant to be? When will we stop this, and start appreciating the bodies we were given?! We are just as special as anyone else. There is no error in you just because your body is different than someone else’s body. We are all different, and that’s how it was meant to be.

How will you start appreciating yourself more, right now?

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Natural Weight vs Ideal Weight

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