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(in fact, they probably need it more but don’t ever ask for it)

Does this sound like you:

  • I’m a powerhouse! 
  • From sunup till sundown I’m planning, cooking, cleaning, working, texting, chauffeuring…like a true achiever! 
  • Even if I had time for a different speed, something would inevitably send me charging back in to fix, comfort, email, whatever it takes to make the freight-train of my life keep moving.
  • At night I lay in bed thinking of all the ways I fell short that day.
  • Fell short with my kids… my husband… failed at life. 
  • Better quickly make that list of ways I am going to do it better—starting tomorrow.

So then, let me ask you this…

Where do YOU fit into this picture? And no, I’m not talking about the occasional drinks with friends or trips to the nail salon.

I’m asking you “when was the last time you regularly prioritized yourself or truly felt an intrinsic calm?”