New Series That I Need Your Help Creating

OPEN UP Series

I want to start a blog series called “OPEN UP” where I talk openly about all of those things that people just don’t talk about. The too-touchy-to-touch-on subjects. I think it’s so important that we women are able to relate, be vulnerable, and open up on these topics without feeling worried that we’ll be judged or feeling too scared to let down our perfection guards – reminder: perfect does NOT exist.

I’ve already started this a bit with my VIP Q+A emails where I answer reader questions and get super raw/open with you (you can easily sign up for these here). But for this series, what topics do you find would be SO good to read about, yet, no one is talking about?

For example, things I would have LOVED to read about at certain times in my life are:

  • how, at first, getting engaged felt more scary than exciting to me,
  • how women’s bodies change from our teen years into our adult years,
  • way back when, I would have LOVED to read about intuitive eating > dieting (so thankful people talk so openly about this now).

Please share what you’d love to hear about in the comments! I’m all ears. If you’re feeling too shy to share in the comments, it’s okay! Your topic is probably one that so many others need to hear about, and you’re safe to share it with me. Send me an email at

Thank you girls in advance for your input – I need it to create the series, and can’t wait to hear from you!

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