What to Expect in the New Year

What to Expect in the New Year

Ahhh, you guys… we had a wonderful Christmas and I had such a nice time being unplugged for the past few days. I was a little bit worried about Christmas this year because it would be the first one without my mom, but aside from a few cries and missing her in the evenings I felt surprisingly strong throughout.

At Christmas Eve my cousin put together a little basket full of square cards where our family would write down a memory with my mom and stick it in the basket. Then, whoever wanted could go over to the basket and read the cards.

Our family wrote down memories like “Dottie taught me to tie my shoes” and “Dottie is the first person ever to get me to wear a dress.” Every memory seemed to be something about my mom helping someone, making them laugh, or making them feel loved. I love this about my mom.

It makes me think: “What memories do I want to leave behind with my loved ones?”

Overall Christmas was really special. I was able to see my family, spend time with my niece Sofia, and see a ton of friends from high school (we always go out on Christmas night because everyone is in town visiting their family).

It was wild seeing Ventura after the Thomas Fire (it’s still going but isn’t directly in the city anymore). There’s a LOT of devastation. There are also a lot of “thank you firefighters!” and “Ventura strong” signs everywhere and that was so sweet to see. I love how the cities have come together.

Today I wanted to do a post on what you can all expect in the New Year around here. As I’m thinking about business and my blog in the new year, I thought you might like to know what’s been rolling around in my mind as I make plans and dream about what I’d like to see.


In January I’ll be doing a “31 Days of Eats” series where I share daily eats all month long. I’ll post several times per week and everything will be directed toward encouraging freedom around food, sharing ideas for what to make, and sharing examples of what it can look like to live in peace with food and in life.

1:1 Coaching

In 2018 1:1 coaching will be the main way to work with me. I’ll be taking two new clients per month and will let you all know as I have spaces open up. I only have one space left for January and have several women in line for that space already.

To save a space, here’s what you can do: schedule a Discovery Session by entering your name and email here and I’ll email you right away. When you have your session, if that current month is booked, I’ll get you signed up so you can start at my very next opening.

And, while you wait you’ll have a couple of things to work on and you’ll get free access to any course I offer.


Speaking of courses, I have a list of courses (here!) that you can start at anytime throughout 2018, including Finally Free. With Finally Free, you will have free access to any coaching calls or live events that we host throughout the year.


Simi and I plan to host both online and in-person workshops in 2018. We’ve got San Francisco on our mind for the next workshop (if you live there and want to be notified, make sure you’re on our email list, which you can sign-up for right here).

This is another great way to get connect with us for live coaching (all 1:1 clients can attend these events for free as well).

This Summer

This summer Abby and I will be hosting Self-Love Summer again. Self-Love Summer is something that we’ve done for the past 3 years. This year we’re switching things up a bit and adding in some live coaching. It’s going to be great! You can jump on the waitlist & learn all about SLS here (we’ll notify you around May!).


I’ll be blogging as consistently as I can throughout 2018, preferably three times per week as usual! As I shared, in January I will be sharing 31 days of eats. Throughout the year, I’ll share a mix of posts around intuitive eating, self-care, body image and daily eats, so hang around.

I’ll also continue to share my VIP Q+A emails every other week where I answer one of your questions in depth, which you can sign-up for at the bottom of this post!


I’m so excited for 2018… My word for the year will be “JOY!” I wanted something fun and lighthearted, as the past two years have been wonderfully challenging. There’s been so much growth and so much loss. I’m ready for a year thats just a little bit lighter, which I can sense coming.

Marco and I are also expecting some changes in 2018 (I am not pregnant and that’s not what I’m referring to – haha!) and I can’t wait to share those along the way, as well!

Places to hangout:

  • Instagram – @paigeschmidt
  • Email – sign-up for my email list at the bottom of this post
  • Courses – see them all here
  • Read my eBook Finding Balance here
  • 1:1 Coaching – book a Discovery Session to see if coaching is right for you, here (just enter your info and you’ll get an email to book)

Share with me…

Leave a comment and tell me what you’re up to in 2018! What’s your word for the year? What’s something new you’re hoping for in 2018? Where can I hangout with you? Do you have a blog, Insta, etc…? Leave the links below (in the comments) so we can all link up!

I’ll be back with a new post on January 1 💛

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