New Years Intentions 2015 – How Am I Doing?

On December 31, 2014, I wrote a post called “Copy My 2015 New Years Intentions.

Today, I’d love to check-in on those intentions and see how they’re going. Want to join me? Keep on reading!

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  1. Make more, give more, save more. This is mostly true. I’ve made more this January, we’ve saved more, and we have money set aside to give. Marco and I have to sit down together and decide on the places we’d like to give. Before we moved, we gave to our Church in Ventura, plus normal life gifts (taking friends to dinner, buying special gifts, cards, helping with an event, etc.) where we got to bless those around us. Where do you like to give? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!
  2. Drink more coffee, have less rules. Ha! This one is funny… I started the year out with this super fun goal. I found myself in a few more coffee shops, enjoyed more coffee (especially on my Ohio trip), and allowed myself to freely make coffee at home as I wanted it. So yes… I’ve for sure had less rules. Funny thing is… now a few weeks later, I no longer crave more than one cup of coffee in the mooring. I can hardly finish the first cup, let alone drink my second… Crazy how that happens… take the rules AWAY and you discover that you really don’t need much! Another reason I believe rules (speaking of food) only throw our cravings OFF.
  3. Take more pictures… What do you think? Have I done this? Have you been enjoying my pictures lately? I post a ton here, and a ton more over on Instagram. My intention behind this goal was to take more people pictures. I tried to take pictures during the filming of Finally Free (coming in March, girls!!), when my Mom & her sisters visited, and when Aubs & Tyeson visited… Yea, I’d say I’m making this goal too 🙂
  4. Make more memories, take more trips. Well, I traveled to Ohio, like I mentioned, to film Finally Free. Afterward, we took a mini trip to Ventura. I’m also PRETTY SURE that I’m going to NYC for HHS in early May – I’ve never been!! We’re going to Catalina Island this Summer, and we are ALSO planning another trip to San Francisco soon. Other places we have on our list: Big Sur, Yostemite, and possibly even Zion (my friend Aubrey inspired us for the Zion trip). I’d say that’s pretty good, right?!
  5. Go outdoors more. This one I have focused on more this last couple weeks. I walked last week with my friend Jenni at Laguna Lake. Marco and I took a long walk around town on Saturday, that was so nice! We walked around Morro Bay & watched the Breakers when Aubrey & Tyeson came here. Sunday I walked to my gym instead of driving. We’ve gone to the farmers market each Wednesday and walked around. I’d say those are all great. I’ve also been taking more short walks throughout my work day. I’d like to improve this goal even further by riding bikes & hiking 🙂
  6. Visualize the “perfect day” more. I’ve been using my print out Day Designer page more often, and that’s been great. That helps me to plan out my day and accomplish more. When it comes to actually visualizing my perfect day… I haven’t done that except for one or two times… I’ve continued to journal, and that definitely feels like a great way to start my day (equally as great as this goal). Here’s what I’ll do: I will start sitting with my eyes closed more mornings and really visualizing how I want to feel through the day, and then I’ll check back in and let you know how that goes.
  7. Be more thoughtful with others. I would say I’ve done this 🙂 I sent my friend Simi a gift after coming home from Ohio, and that was really fun to do. I tried to send a few more handwritten cards out, and I’ve been intentional thinking of others and things that would make them feel special. I’m happy with how this goal has gone so far and I would love to continue.
  8. Love yourself more than ever before. Awe 🙂 This goal makes me smile… really… this goal feels SO good. What this means for me is enjoying myself, accepting my desires, appreciating my quirks, and not judgeing myself. I’d say I’m really happy with how this goal has gone. I’d love to continue to improve even further by putting myself in more situations outside of my comfort zone. As I expand outside of my comfort zone, I tend to be more open to learning, and less sensitive/defensive/stuck in my safe zones. Can anyone relate?

Overall, I am still happy with the intentions I set out to make on December 31, 2014. This year has been great so far, and I’m so excited for what’s to come. Namely, I’m excited for the launch of Finally Free, our trip to Catalina Island, my brother & sis-n-law’s new baby (Sofia, coming in April!), my Grandma visiting CA for the beginning of this year (I see her this week!), hopefully going to NYC in May, and a new year with my Husband filled with NEW memories.


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How are your NYR’s/Intentions going? What would you like to focus on more? What are you really happy with?

xo, your coach


Love, Paige

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